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2011 Gory Halloween Props

2011 Gory Halloween Props

Bust out your bloody, gory Halloween props and go wild for a whole night. Let loose those morbid thoughts of creativity that scream and ache for the burning agony of torn flesh. Broken teeth, charred flesh, torn ligaments, and so much more, all right here, are waiting for your discovery. If you want to show off your sick love for horror, these gory Halloween props make it possible.

Axe Attacked Male Prop: Every teenager horror movie has to include an appropriate amount of axed men. It is as necessary as the main female character being blonde, brave, and dumb. Thankfully, rather than create your own axed male model, we can supply you with an intensely gory prop substitute.

gory halloween props

Chained Corpse Skulls Set: After complimenting the shade of your drapes and how they accent the yellow hue of your wallpaper, people will be smitten with these hanging corpse skulls. My, my, they’ll say excitedly, will you look at those gorgeous skulls? Hanging on real metal chains that measure approximately two feet, these skulls are sure to win over any guests taste for the morbid.

gory halloween props

Screaming Clown Prop: Clowns are the perfect combination of horror and humor, and now this clown perfectly epitomizes the gory image of Halloween. Mount the severed clown head wherever you need a screamingly good laugh. Covered in blood, eyes bulging, this clown is ready for the spotlight!

gory halloween props

Barry Brains: Barry always was an intellectual snob. He told everyone that he was the smartest person alive, had the largest amount of smarts per square inch. Then someone wanted to prove just how much brains Barry had, which left Barry mounted upon that someones wall, head torn open. Now you can appreciate the brains of Barry!

gory halloween props

Mark of the Beast Head: This individual didn’t listen to the Do not feed the tigers sign. Highly realistic and detailed to replicate the effects of a tiger mauling, this head is perfect for showing off the carnage of nature. Display it wherever you need a bit of gory spice.

gory halloween props

Affordable Animated Halloween Props

Top Outdoor Halloween Decorations

As one of the largest suppliers of Halloween props, we have a huge selection of animatronics, animated decorations, and moving props. Most of these animated Halloween props are expensive, some going far into the thousands. Rather than break the bank, we gathered up the economical animatronics, so your shopping experience is easy, more pleasurable. Look over the list, find the ones that work with your decorations, and then enjoy the ensuing screams.

Cocoon Peeper Mummy: This mummy has been consumed, wrapped in spider webbing, and now lives its life within the sticky confines. The prop measures 60 wide, 17 wide, and 10 thick. The prop requires 3 AAA batteries, which are not included with the purchase. The prop is sound activated. Activation causes the eyes to move side to side.

halloween props1

Spinning Head Possessed Baby: Babies are among the most horrifying of creations, especially when they are birthed from Hell. This possessed little demon is approximately 16 tall. The prop is made of latex. Inside the baby is a concealed motion detector. Activation causes the babys head to spin around, while playing baby sounds. The prop requires 2 AA batteries, which are not included with purchase. LED eyes light up.

halloween props2

Fresh Cut Heart with Pump: Designed to replicate the imagery of a heart pumping blood, even after removal from the chest cavity, this animatronic prop is perfect for gory Halloween scenes. The prop features a pumping heart on a cutting board. The heart pumps liquid across the cutting board. Prop is intended to run for only four (4) to six (6) hours per day.

halloween props3

Dark Magic Book: The Dark Magic Book is designed to open slowly whenever someone passes by. Book requires 3 AA batteries, which are not included with purchase. When the book is open, it says one of three sayings: Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!; Round about the cauldron go, in the poisoned entrails throw! Sweltered venom, sleeping got, boil though first in the charmed pot! Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!; Ah, I see my next ingredient has arrived! With you, my spell no longer deprived! Just a morsel I will take, in the cauldron boil and bake, your youth and flesh, the only price – to ensure me of eternal life! Ah-hah-ha-ha-ha-ha!; Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hah! Another foolish child dares to trespass on this wicked place? Here now a spell to remove that smile from your pretty face! Hoggles and haggerdash, and eyes of a crow – all powers are mine now, and all that you know! Ha-ha-ha!

halloween props4

Top 4 Tips for Spooking Out Halloween Props

Top 4 Tips for Spooking Out Halloween Props

Imagine stumbling across a lawn littered with random Halloween props. There are clowns in the bushes. There’s a werewolf hanging from a tree. There are pumpkins on the roof of the house. You may stop, stare, and say, Yup, those are Halloween props, then continue walking.

Now, let’s say you were walking along and stumbled across a lawn covered in fog. The sight of the rolling fog takes you by surprise. There’s no fog anywhere else, you say. I wonder where it’s coming from. Then you walk closer, trying to find the origin of the fog. That’s when you hear music playing softly somewhere closer to the house. You stumble over a bunch of bones sticking out of the ground. A silhouette of a hanging corpse is in the window of the house. Lights flicker on the porch. Your heart pounds, and your head tells you to turn around run away, back to the street.

That’s how you use Halloween props. Fear stems from ambiance, not from cluttered Halloween props. And we’re here to help give you the top 5 tips for spooking out your Halloween prop. By the end you will have some tools to take scenario one and turn it into scenario two.

Smoke Machines: The fog in the second scenario was generated by smoke machines. While the use of a smoke machine may seem intimidating, they are very easy to use and very easy to maintain. Smoke machines come in varying sizes and wattage, with each machine producing different smoke results. Some blanket the ground with a thin sheet of fog, while others create rolling, puffy cloud coverage. Research your smoke machines before you finalize any purchase.

fog machine

Cobweb Effects: There is so much potential hidden within cobweb effects. Sure, you could stretch them out, stick them to a corner of your room, and leave them. But that’s rather simple and boring. Instead, place a red light behind the cobweb, thus giving the white web a blood-red hue. Even better, put the cobwebs in a pitch-black area, then place a flickering light behind them. The random pattern will surely spook out some people.

cobweb effects

Lights: Visual stimulation plays a vital role in creeping out your victims. Walking into a bright room is much different than walking into a darkened room, especially if there are shadows dancing on the wall. Utilize lights to create an intense image of insanity. Flickering lights work really well, but you are the only one who can determine which works the best.

halloween lights

Lawn Decorations: If you do not mind tearing up your lawn a bit, you can definitely heighten the Halloween experience with some torn earth. Bury some of your Halloween props in dirt, giving them an image of breaking out of a grave. Turn a section of your lawn into a graveyard. The smoke machine will definitely help give it some spook ambiance. Grass grows back, but Halloween only comes once per year.

outdoor halloween props

Scary Halloween Props

Scary Halloween Props: Because Fear Is Fun!

No one matches our scary Halloween props.

Halloween is the time of celebrating the terrifying sensation of fear. From blood-chilling screams to sudden gasps of disbelief, our scary Halloween props help to add some fright to the night. We have severed heads, disemboweled torsos, zombies, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and many more nightmarish objects. If you want your Halloween to be a scary one, our props are here to provide.

Heighten Halloween with Scary Yard Decorations

For most, Halloween is a mainly outdoor holiday. Parents take their kids trick-or-treating, kids search for haunted houses, and some dedicated adults search the night for real paranormal occurrences. With the right combination of scary props and decorations on your yard, your Halloween will become one full of terror-ridden screams. Everyone passing by your yard will feel the fullest effects of truly horrible and scary Halloween props.

Props Make Halloween Costumes Scary

Halloween costumes can be scary, but props make them scarier. What is a crazed butcher without his butchering tools? A vampire without its fangs? A murdered without his chainsaw? Without a doubt, scary Halloween props make costumes frightful and terrifying. If you want to really scare the pants off people, look through out selection of props and costumes for something that matches.

Immersion Can Make The Night

No other holiday can match the immersion one experiences during Halloween. You become enthralled with the Halloween costumes, the props, the scary sounds, the strange smells, the makeup, and the candy. All of it comes together to create an event unlike any other. To increase the immersion, our scary Halloween props are highly detailed and professionally created, so you get the best product for your money.

Some ideas for a scary Halloween:

  • A haunted house is always a great way to scare your friends, family, and neighbors.
  • Cook up some disgustingly frightening foods.
  • Get your friends together to make your own homemade scary Halloween props.
  • Throw a Halloween party and require everyone to dress in scary costumes.
  • Go around your neighborhood and scare the trick-or-treaters.

Making Halloween Props

At, Making Halloween Props is More Than a Passion. Its an Art.

If you have ever tried your hand at making Halloween props, you know its not that simple.

Making the perfect Halloween props is a combination of creativity and motivation. If you have the creativity, we are here to help motivate you. From making a haunted house to making Halloween masks or costumes, we have the ghoulish ideas to give you that initial burst of motivational energy.

Building Halloween Props

Designing and making Halloween props is one of the best ways to release your fiendish, dark ideas. On most days, artistically creating a butchered corpse would be frowned upon, but not on Halloween. This is the time for you to let loose and embrace the more morbid side of being human. By building and making Halloween props, you are embracing the truth of the Halloween holiday.

  • Design your Halloween props for the age demographic. Making a complicated design for toddlers may ruin the fun.
  • Simple does not mean easy; complicated does not mean astonishing.
  • When making Halloween props for a haunted house, the lighting of the haunted house can make a huge difference in the end result.
  • If you are using power tools, wear the proper safety gear.
  • Have fun.

Making Halloween Masks and Costumes

Masks and costumes are much different than making Halloween props. Instead of designing a stationary object, you are creating a form of clothing that will be worn all night. When making your Halloween masks and costumes, design them for comfort and usability first. Unlike making Halloween props, the horror and aesthetic qualities should come second. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable mask or costume.

Making Halloween Decorations

Similar to making Halloween props, Halloween decorations is a fun way to release your darker creativity. Halloween decorations can also be much more appropriate for individuals of all ages, because they utilize basic crafting tools. Regardless, whether you are making Halloween props, decorations, masks, or costumes, always have fun and be safe.

Homemade Halloween Props

Homemade Halloween Props: Adding that Personal Touch of Fear!

Designing your own homemade Halloween props can make this frightful holiday especially scary.

If you are looking forward to this Halloween season, you can start the celebration now with some homemade Halloween props. Rather than waiting for the season to hit, get out your frightful anticipation with some sadistically sinister creativity. Become the mad scientist of so many dark stories and design your own homemade Halloween props. It can be entertaining, fulfilling, and rewarding, especially when you see the resulting screams.

Ideas for Homemade Halloween Props

Before you get all excited to build your own homemade Halloween props, you need some ideas. Whether you want a life-size zombie marching through your yard or a realistic witch’s cauldron, everything starts as an idea. To give you some inspiration, look through our selection of Halloween props from something homemade you could pursue. With enough motivation, you could take your wildest, darkest ideas and make them come to life.

Running a Haunted House on a Budget

Designing and building your own haunted house can be expensive. From the decorations to the props, you could be looking at a huge expense. Rather than spend loads of money on expensive props, costumes, and decorations, you could implement some of your own homemade Halloween props for your haunted house. It is more time consuming, but it gives your haunted house a personal touch. The homemade Halloween props can also be easily combined with professional props, supplementing the haunting experience.

Homemade Halloween Decorations for Your Yard

If you want to quickly design some homemade props and Halloween decorations, look toward your yard. With nothing more than a shovel, you can tear up your yard and turn it into a truly gruesome sight. Go to your local butcher shop for some bones and your yard is now a homemade graveyard full of Halloween decorations and props. Plus, you didn’t have to spend any money on it.

Homemade Halloween props do not have to be complex creations. You can easily find objects around your house or local neighborhood that could work as a creepy addition to your house or yard.

Haunted House Props

Putting the Haunt in Haunted House Props!

Without the props, a haunted house might as well just be a house.

If you have ever run a haunted house, you know how hard it is to make your own haunted house props. Every room has to be painted, prepped, and uniquely decorated, with a specific theme for each room. At, we love haunted houses really, really love them and we love helping people realize their dreams of running a haunted house. If you are sick of making your own homemade haunted house props, we are here to deliver a highly detailed and professional alternative.

Benefits of our haunted house props:

  • Extremely durable, so you can use them over and over again.
  • Professionally designed and created.
  • Frighteningly realistic haunted house animatronics.
  • No more headaches from trying to make your own haunted house props.
  • Unbeatable prices.


Even if you are simply trying to find some ideas for a haunted house, we want to help. With one of the largest selections of haunted house props available, you have plenty of inspiration at your fingertips. Gander through our selection and see what kind of creative ideas you can come up with for a haunted house. Maybe you will see something that spins off into a series of ideas. Next thing you know, you have all of your haunted house props planned out and you are ready to get started.

The correct combination of scary props and supplies fills a haunted house with screams. Every unfortunate victim to walk into your haunted house will leave you smiling and reveling in the satisfaction that your hard work is paying off. As the experts of everything Halloween, we know how gratifying a successful haunted house can feel, and how terrible an unsuccessful one can feel. With our supplies and props, your haunted house will be the talk of the town and not a single person will leave unfilled with true fear and terror.

Our haunted house props have helped countless people find success with their haunted house. Whether you need ideas or supplies, our haunted house props are here for you.

Halloween Animatronics

Animate Your Night with Our Halloween Animatronics!

With our professional Halloween animatronics, no one leaves untainted by true horror.

Instilling true terror in your Halloween decorations can be difficult. Without some kind of looming, moving fear, it just seems stale. Our Halloween animatronics can change all of that though. Rather than settle with silent, unmoving decorations, our animatronics bring it to life with their Halloween animations. Screams of help, blood-chilling squeals, undead moans, twigs snapping, axe murderers laughing, this is what your scene needs to feel truly intense, and our Halloween animatronics can deliver.

Think about any time you have been scared, regardless of Halloween. Fear often involves something potentially harming your person. Someone chasing you, an animal biting you, falling off a building, these are all scary situations because they affect you. Our Halloween animatronics help to recreate this fear, without the actual harm. Following the footsteps of Halloween prop builders, our Halloween animatronics create the illusion, not the reality.

There are plenty of animated Halloween props on the market, but none of them truly compare to professional Halloween animatronics. The best Halloween animatronics do not merely move or make noise, like so many Halloween animated props. Instead, these animatronics turn your Halloween into a night of fear and fun, and so many people will find themselves that much closer to enjoying a night of unexpected terror.

Choosing the right animatronics for your Halloween:

  • Think about the theme of your Halloween decorations. You do not want ghost animatronics popping out of a bunch of fairy decorations. Or, maybe you do
  • Our prices are some of the lowest, but you should allot yourself a budget.
  • Find the Halloween animations that match your need.
  • Some haunted house specialists build Halloween animatronics into their decorations. Plan out your decorations long before you purchase any Halloween animatronics.


At, we have made it a passion to produce some of the best Halloween animatronics on the market. No matter what the scene, we have something that can help you to achieve the exact feel or fear. Take some time to look through our selection to find the exact match.

Animated Halloween Props

Bring Back the Dead with Animated Halloween Props!

No Halloween is complete without terrifying animated Halloween props.

Halloween is about fear, and instilling that fear into others. With our animated Halloween props, you can succeed in scaring the pants off anyone that comes to your house. Whether you are running a haunted house, handing out candy, or simply trying to add a bit of fright into the night, our animated Halloween props are a must.

What is Fear?

Fear is the perceived sensation that something may be potentially or immediately threatening your person. While a stationery environment of props and decorations could create the illusion of fear, they cannot match the results of animated Halloween props.

Our animated Halloween props utilize movement and sound to generate a sudden sensation that something is out to get you. This is where the true fear comes from something is going bump in the night and it wants you. Think of any nightmare you had as a child. It was full of something chasing, moving, or making its way toward you. Our animated Halloween props fulfill this nightmarish movement.

Haunted House Props

Animated Halloween props are a must for any haunted house. People walking through a haunted house anticipate the sensation of suddenly becoming scared. They expect something to pop out at them, and an armada of animated props will turn your Halloween into one full of terrified screams. While your costumed friends and volunteers run throughout the haunted house, the animated Halloween props will have the chokepoints covered.

Halloween Animatronics

In addition to animated Halloween props, our professional animatronics are here to help heighten the immersion. These are high quality props that can add a great amount of detail and fear to your haunted house or Halloween scene. Our animatronics scream, move, swing, yell, and cultivate the feeling of fright within anyone passing by them.

No matter the feeling or the theme of your haunted house, we have the animated Halloween props and animatronics that will meet your needs. As the Halloween professionals, we are proud to have one of the largest, most extensive selections of props, costumes, masks, animatronics, and decorations.