Top Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Top Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween is one of the only holidays spent primarily outside. Parents and children walk the streets, searching for candy, treats, and other goodies. Teenagers prowl the evening for mischief. College students hop from bar to bar, party to party, or hand out candy. Countless adults and elderly individuals, hoping to hand out treats to smiling children, decorate their lawn with outdoor Halloween decorations.

Since so many individuals are out and about, outdoor Halloween decorations are essential. They are the tools to attract, to lure individuals inward. These are the best outdoor Halloween decorations for seducing individuals closer, then striking upon them with primal fear.

RIP Light-up Skull Tombstone: This 22 tall tombstone is the perfect lawn ornament. Both the eyes and the RIP saying light up. The tombstone is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Purchase includes two stakes for installing the tombstone into the earth. While other tombstones merely sit, exist, and do nothing, this light-up tombstone sheds some ambiance on the evening.

halloween decorations1

Ghostly Lawn Group: If there is one place that ghosts love to hang out on, it would be the lawn. They are attracted to these areas like moths to the flame. Instead of hanging your head out the window all night, this ghastly decoration brings ghosts crashing down upon your lawn. The prop features three ghosts, which attach to the earth with stakes, who can be easily moved. Add in some extra decorations to really spook out the area.

halloween decorations2

9 Pumpkin Stack: Inflatable products have always been a huge hit during Halloween, and now this inflatable pumpkin stack is yours to enjoy. Fully inflated, stack measures approximately 9 tall. Individuals will stop and stare up at the smiling pumpkins. Thats when you hit them with some fear.

halloween decorations3

Zombie Zone: Whoa, slow down there, cowboy. You’re wandering into zombie territory, the worst kind of territory to wander into, you know. Now your guests can realize when the territory turns into something wicked. The sign utilizes the usual warning sign symbolism yellow with black figures so individuals will attract to the odd spectacle.

halloween decorations4

These outdoor Halloween decorations combine the eccentric nature of Halloween with the spooky ambiance of horror. They can be used alone or with other Halloween decorations. Do not stop until you have achieved the ideal image of scariness.

Top 4 Places to Put Halloween Decorations

Top 4 Places to Put Halloween Decorations

Even if you bought the best, most expensive, most detailed of Halloween decorations, poor placement can ruin their spooky potential. You cannot simply stick a corpse in a tree and call it scary, nor can you scatter bones about your living room and assume its creepy. It takes proper planning, diligently placing each of your Halloween decorations so as to create a complex web of sights, sounds, and ambiance.

If you want to create an exciting, memorable Halloween experience, here’s the locations to make it happen:

Kitchen: The morbid potential of your kitchen is nearly limitless. Normally, you want your cutlery, cooking area, and food to be sterile acceptable for consumption. Instead, turn that notion upside down through the use of Halloween decorations. Dump blood in the sink. Scatter organs and fingers and other fleshy bits across the cooking area. Purchase synthetic food that looks rotten, moldy. All of this imagery will overload your guests, hopefully causing stomachs to turn, kick, and lurch.

creepy kitchenware

Lawn: Unless you’re throwing a party or running a haunted house, your lawn is going to be the most viewed area. No matter the size of your lawn, all of that grass- or stone-covered earth holds great potential for your Halloween decorations. If you care to dig up your lawn a bit, half-bury some bones or zombie props. Turn your lawn into a thriving graveyard of undead monstrosities. To complete the ambiance, purchase a smoke machine and Gothic fencing.

halloween decorations

Porch: While still within the vicinity of your lawn, the porch is quite a different decorative demon to tackle. It gives you the outdoor atmosphere, without the outdoor earth. From hanging out candy to welcoming guests, countless individuals will be venturing up to your porch. Use this predetermine pathway to guide your guests into a spooky ensemble of Halloween decorations. Create a path of flickering lights. Welcome your guests with an animatronic prop. Just keep people coming forward, then hit them with the scariest prop when they have reached the actual porch.

halloween lights

Living Room: As the room that most individuals will be walking through or hanging out in, the living room must be carefully decorated. You do not want to clutter the room with large, obscure props, which get in the way of moving and socializing. However, you also want props that break the ice between strangers something for people to talk about. Decorate the walls, then focus on a central piece within the room. Purchase a large, detailed central piece and you will be all set.

indoor halloween decorations

Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Outdoor Halloween Decorations: Inflating Your Yard With Fear!

Nothing escapes the clutches of our outdoor Halloween decorations.

Your yard is a spanning artistic landscape that eagerly waits to be decorated. With Halloween being such a festive holiday, it is time to bust out those outdoor Halloween decorations. Everything in your yard can easily become a piece of your frightful artistic vision. Put zombies in the hedges, spiders in the trees, Halloween inflatables across the lawn, and loads of homemade outdoor Halloween decorations everywhere. The more you add the more fun you will have.

If you do not know how to make outdoor Halloween decorations, we have plenty for you to choose from. For example, our outdoor inflatable Halloween decorations make the perfect accessory for anyone looking to draw some attention to their yard. In addition, we have plenty of traditional outdoor Halloween decorations – gravestones, spider webs, zombie parts, ghosts, and plenty more.

Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas:

  • A pit of zombies trying to break free from the earth.
  • Carved pumpkins make the perfect homemade outdoor Halloween decorations.
  • Put out some signs that warn people of the danger they could be in by walking in your yard. Danger: Monster Crossing!
  • Incorporate the trees and bushes in your yard for your outdoor Halloween decorations. It will increase the immersion and attract more attention.


As Halloween lovers, outdoor decorations are extremely important to us. These decorations can make or break the look of your house. At, we have plenty of outdoor Halloween decorations for you to choose from, so you are never without a great idea. Simply take the time to look through our selection of decorations and find the one that suits your needs. If you need ideas, look for some outdoor Halloween decorations that could work as a centerpiece.

Halloween is as much a time of fun and fear as it is a time for self-expression. If you view the act of decorating your yard with outdoor Halloween decorations in a positive light, you will have a blast. It should not be a chore or a boring task. Let loose and go nuts, do something you have never done before with your yard. When you are ready, our outdoor Halloween decorations will be here.

Haunted House Decorations

Make Your House Spook-tacular with Our Haunted House Decorations!

As the experts of haunted houses, we have the haunted house decorations you need.

With our haunted house decorations, you can easily turn your house into a zombie-ridden pit of vampiric hell. Severed arms will lie plainly among your meticulous lawn, and carved pumpkins will greet you every morning and night. Even if you do not intend to design your own haunted house, our decorations will help you to get the most out of your haunted Halloween night.


Take a moment to look at some haunted house pictures for decoration ideas. Typically, haunted house decorations are dreary, gray, dark, and morbid. This is what you want to replicate using our haunted house decorations and props. No matter the house or the location, we can help you to turn it into a gateway of nightmarish frights, and there is nothing more entertaining than knowing that you could have one of the best haunted houses ever created.

When you’re done looking through haunted house pictures, our decorations can help to inspire. Each one of our haunted house decorations are extremely detailed, so you get the most for your money. Skip out on the second-rate haunted house props and let the professionals help you out.

Haunted House Ideas

Coming up with some haunted house ideas might be more entertaining than building the haunted house itself. You get to plan out where people get scared, where the haunted house decorations go, and where the haunted house leads. If you have never built a haunted house before, the decorations are the best part. To get you started on the right track, here are some quick haunted house decoration ideas:

  • Create a haunted house theme with your decorations. Zombies, vampires, madmen, butchers, a theme ties it all together.
  • The proper lighting can change the way a scene looks. Play around with the lighting on your haunted house decorations and props.
  • Remember, the haunted house is supposed to be fun for the attendants.
  • Start your haunted house decorations in the yard, so as to attract attendants.


Halloween Crafts

Bring Home the Halloween Cheer with Halloween Crafts!

If you want to get excited for Halloween, we have the easy Halloween crafts for you.

Halloween is about ghosts, zombies, fairies, wizards, and everything in between. With the right Halloween crafts, you can enjoy the sensation of Halloween long before the holiday even hits. Decorate your own fairy wings, design your own wizard wands, or find some Halloween printables for decorating your house. Halloween crafts bring out the uniqueness of this holiday, giving everyone a chance to show off their imaginative creativity.

Preschool Halloween Crafts

Younger children often have a hard time enjoying the abstractness of Halloween, but Halloween crafts give them a chance to fully enjoy the holiday. Find some Halloween recipes online and cook a meal or dessert with your preschooler. You could also find some Halloween coloring pages so they can color their own witch or warlock. Preschool Halloween crafts have to be simple yet engaging, educational yet fun. With Halloween being so fun already, Halloween crafts are perfect for the preschool age.

Fall Crafts

Halloween crafts do not specifically have to focus on the holiday itself. You could easily focus on the fall seasons for your crafts. Instead of decorating a zombie, decorate some fallen leaves

The line between fall crafts and Halloween crafts is slim and narrow. Carving a pumpkin, for example, could be seen as a celebratory craft for both. Decorating a scarecrow is another ambiguous craft. In reality, it does not matter which you celebrate – fall crafts or Halloween crafts – because the goal is simply to have fun. As long as you are having fun, your whole season should be full of joy.

Halloween Recipes

We briefly covered the idea of searching for Halloween recipes for crafts with kids, but Halloween recipes are more than just crafts – they can be decorations. Halloween recipes are fun, tasty, and decorative, making them the perfect crafts for anyone of any age. Simply search online for some delicious cookies, brownies, cakes, or tarts, and then whip them up in your kitchen. Get some kids or adults involved and make it a Halloween crafts session, where everyone ends up full of sweets at the end.