Costume Accessories

Costume Accessories

Costume Accessories Bring the Horror to Life! From flair to fright, our costume accessories add that extra spice to any costume.

There is a huge difference between a good costume and a great costume, and it all comes down to the costume accessories. The perfect combination of accessories takes your costume into a whole new world of outstanding detail.

At, we provide you with everything you need to find the perfect Halloween costume. We have canes, costumes, wigs, masks, shoes, and all of the costume accessories you could ever need. If you want to be a vampire, we have the cape, teeth, and sparkling glitter you need to get it done. If you want to be a werewolf, we might as well be brewing our own lycanthropic disease because our costume accessories are that detailed.

With all of our accessories, there are plenty of costume ideas for you to find. Professional costumes are often centered around a theme or an accessory. By glancing through our huge stock of costume accessories, you have a bunch of costume ideas constantly jumping out at you. Take one of those ideas and build off of it. Instead of following the traditional costumes, one of our costume accessories will inspire you to branch out creatively. Be an 80s high school witch who dropped out to pursue a career in ballet, or a mad scientist who is working late nights to feed his family. Our costume accessories let you take your creativity to a wild, untamed level.

  • Our costume accessories are durable and can withstand the test of time.
  • From toddler to adult, our accessories fit a large age demographic.
  • We have everything from costume wings and wigs to costume shoes and canes.
  • All of our costume accessories are priced well below the market average.

Nothing leaves an impression quite like an astonishing costume. If you want to impress your friends, our costume accessories will help make it happen. Spend the time to find the perfect pieces that catch your eye. If you need help finding some ideas, think about what your costume needs.

Halloween Games

Spicing Up Your Party with Halloween Games!

As the connoisseurs of all things Halloween, we know plenty of Halloween games.

Simple Halloween games appropriate for any age:

  • Bobbing for apples is one of the many classic Halloween games. Plus, its an easy trick to get kids to eat an apple.
  • Halloween crafts can be perfect for any age. Carve a pumpkin, decorate a Halloween mask, or cook your own Halloween treats.
  • Regardless of gender, Halloween dress up games can be a blast.
  • Since it is the holiday of horror, get some Halloween games of hangman going.


Planning out a Halloween party may seem like a difficult task, but it is much simpler than you realize. All it takes is some logistical planning and the appropriate Halloween games for entertainment. To help get your creative juices flowing, lets run down a quick checklist to determine what kind of Halloween games you should have at your party.

Scary Halloween Games: Yes, or No?

With it being Halloween, you may want to plan out a bunch of scary Halloween games; however, scary games can easily ruin someone’s Halloween, depending on the age. If you are hosting a party for kids and toddlers, cut the scary Halloween games out. You will quickly find yourself surrounded by a sea of squealing, squawking children not a pretty picture. For this scenario, basic Halloween activities and crafts or simple Halloween dress up games would be more suitable.

Halloween Murder Mystery Party Games

For a college party or an adult party, there are loads of scary Halloween games you can play. For example, you could throw your own murder mystery party, with everyone dressing up in Halloween costumes. One of your attendants plays the role of a killer and you have everyone else try to guess who it is, using hints left around the house. This can be extremely fun for everyone involved, making it one of the best Halloween party games ever.

Halloween Party Ideas

Nothing compares to the excitement of throwing a Halloween party not even the party itself. Utilize this excitement to plan our some amazing Halloween games. If you need help, we are always here to help inspire you.

Halloween Makeup

Halloween makeup

Fright Up Your Face with Halloween Makeup! Wounds, gashes, and other nasty scars come to life with our Halloween makeup.

Most of the people celebrating Halloween dress up in costumes and masks; however, the few hardcore fans out there go that one step further: Halloween makeup. Giving yourself a professional look as if they just stepped off a movie set, our Halloween makeup can make you look like a zombie, vampire, fairy, mummy, or any other haunted creature. From chic to shriek, we can help you complete any costume.

  • Our Halloween makeup gives your costume an extra flair of detail.
  • Application and utilization are simple and easy to learn.
  • With the correct makeup, you can recreate blood, oozing wounds, broken bones, dead skin, and an unlimited amount of other effects.
  • Halloween makeup provides countless hours of fun.

Most of our Halloween makeup products come with tips on how to fully achieve your artistic vision. Just be sure to purchase the correct set of makeup colors. Vampire makeup is going to vary greatly from pixie or fairy makeup, unless you are dressing as a Twilight vampire. The best part of using Halloween makeup is the freedom you get. Mix and match colors, try out different techniques, and find the perfect combination that gives your Halloween that extra kick of costume fun.

It can be intimidating to get involved with Halloween makeup, but taking that leap can be a lot of fun. Get some of your friends together and trade off decorating each other. If someone learns a technique, share it with everyone else and show them how to do it. By the end of the night, each of you will be one step closer to being professional makeup artists.

Sometimes finding the perfect costume is less about the costume and more about the accents. The right Halloween makeup can make any plain, normal costume look like something created by an artistic genius. If you want to make any costume look its best, utilize our makeup this Halloween. You will learn, you will laugh, and you will love every second of it.

Halloween Shoes

Complete Your Costume Ensemble with Halloween Shoes!

The right Halloween shoes can complete any costume.

With Halloween being a festive night of trick-or-treating and partying, you are going to be on your feet for quite a while. From kid to adult, nothing kills the fun faster than sore feet. Getting the right shoes for your Halloween costume is not only about the aesthetic appeal. It is also about comfort. Our Halloween shoes are designed to be durable, comfortable, and give your costume the horrifying realism you need.

  • The right shoes will not cut your Halloween short.
  • Sneakers can easily destroy the continuity of any costume. Our shoes complete the look.
  • Halloween is a costume heavy holiday, and a completed costume can make the night that much more enjoyable.
  • Immerse yourself in the night of fright with our Halloween shoes.
  • Durable, long-lasting, and reasonably priced.


Shoes have always been known to speak leagues about the wearers personality. Halloween is a time to express your inner creativity through your costume, and our shoes are designed to bring out the perfect feeling and vibe for your Halloween costume. In addition, our Halloween boots and shoes are professional designed, so you can wear them throughout the year. If you want to add a special blend of pizzazz to your person, our Halloween shoes are here to deliver.

Whether you are going out dancing or walking around your neighborhood, the shoes make the night. The last thing you want is to wake up the next morning with blisters, sores, and all kinds of nasty pains in your feet. Our Halloween costume shoes are built specifically for the intense amount of movement involved with Halloween. From dancing to scouring for candy, with our Halloween shoes, your costume will be looking great and your feet will be feeling the same.

Give yourself a break this Halloween from the pain and soreness of walking and dancing all night. You want to wake up the next morning satisfied, happy, and elated from the frightful experience you had the previous night. Our Halloween shoes can help ensure that you wake up with a smile.

Halloween Wigs

Halloween Wigs

Accessorizing Your Costume with Halloween Wigs!

Masks change your face, costumes change your body, and our Halloween wigs change your hairstyle.

Part of the fun of Halloween is the ability to change the way you look. For one night, you get to look and act any way you want, and society will think nothing about it. In fact, this kind of behavior is encouraged. With such a privilege, you should take full advantage of it. Our Halloween wigs can be the frosting on your costume cake, and we have plenty of flavors for you to choose from.

  • Halloween wigs can be fun, fearful, or funky, but the choice is yours to make.
  • All of our Halloween wigs are durable and long-lasting.
  • Wigs can be perfect for events other than Halloween, such as plays, movies, and school events.
  • Our wig prices are cheap and affordable.
  • From gothic to funny, we have plenty of wigs for you.


Mens Halloween Wigs

Stereotypically, men have short hair, which means they can have trouble doing anything fun or funky with it. Our mens Halloween wigs give men out there the ability to change up their look, without changing up their hair. Rather than try to grow it out for the holiday, you can opt on a more sensible decision. Plus, there will be no awkward office conversations discussing your new ponytail. Our Halloween wigs will ensure of that.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Sometimes the perfect costume stems from the discovery of a single accessory, such as a Halloween wig. For example, lets say you stumble on a bunch of blue Halloween wigs and you suddenly get a rush of inspiration I have to dress like a Smurf. That is exactly what our Halloween wigs can do for you. Take a gander through the selection and see if any Halloween costume ideas come rushing into your head.

Halloween and All Its Glory

Remember to always have fun with your Halloween celebration. Be someone new, dress in Halloween wigs, scare your friends and family, and just let your creativity run wild. It is a special holiday that you should enjoy immensely.