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2011 Gory Halloween Props

2011 Gory Halloween Props

Bust out your bloody, gory Halloween props and go wild for a whole night. Let loose those morbid thoughts of creativity that scream and ache for the burning agony of torn flesh. Broken teeth, charred flesh, torn ligaments, and so much more, all right here, are waiting for your discovery. If you want to show off your sick love for horror, these gory Halloween props make it possible.

Axe Attacked Male Prop: Every teenager horror movie has to include an appropriate amount of axed men. It is as necessary as the main female character being blonde, brave, and dumb. Thankfully, rather than create your own axed male model, we can supply you with an intensely gory prop substitute.

gory halloween props

Chained Corpse Skulls Set: After complimenting the shade of your drapes and how they accent the yellow hue of your wallpaper, people will be smitten with these hanging corpse skulls. My, my, they’ll say excitedly, will you look at those gorgeous skulls? Hanging on real metal chains that measure approximately two feet, these skulls are sure to win over any guests taste for the morbid.

gory halloween props

Screaming Clown Prop: Clowns are the perfect combination of horror and humor, and now this clown perfectly epitomizes the gory image of Halloween. Mount the severed clown head wherever you need a screamingly good laugh. Covered in blood, eyes bulging, this clown is ready for the spotlight!

gory halloween props

Barry Brains: Barry always was an intellectual snob. He told everyone that he was the smartest person alive, had the largest amount of smarts per square inch. Then someone wanted to prove just how much brains Barry had, which left Barry mounted upon that someones wall, head torn open. Now you can appreciate the brains of Barry!

gory halloween props

Mark of the Beast Head: This individual didn’t listen to the Do not feed the tigers sign. Highly realistic and detailed to replicate the effects of a tiger mauling, this head is perfect for showing off the carnage of nature. Display it wherever you need a bit of gory spice.

gory halloween props

Affordable Animated Halloween Props

Top Outdoor Halloween Decorations

As one of the largest suppliers of Halloween props, we have a huge selection of animatronics, animated decorations, and moving props. Most of these animated Halloween props are expensive, some going far into the thousands. Rather than break the bank, we gathered up the economical animatronics, so your shopping experience is easy, more pleasurable. Look over the list, find the ones that work with your decorations, and then enjoy the ensuing screams.

Cocoon Peeper Mummy: This mummy has been consumed, wrapped in spider webbing, and now lives its life within the sticky confines. The prop measures 60 wide, 17 wide, and 10 thick. The prop requires 3 AAA batteries, which are not included with the purchase. The prop is sound activated. Activation causes the eyes to move side to side.

halloween props1

Spinning Head Possessed Baby: Babies are among the most horrifying of creations, especially when they are birthed from Hell. This possessed little demon is approximately 16 tall. The prop is made of latex. Inside the baby is a concealed motion detector. Activation causes the babys head to spin around, while playing baby sounds. The prop requires 2 AA batteries, which are not included with purchase. LED eyes light up.

halloween props2

Fresh Cut Heart with Pump: Designed to replicate the imagery of a heart pumping blood, even after removal from the chest cavity, this animatronic prop is perfect for gory Halloween scenes. The prop features a pumping heart on a cutting board. The heart pumps liquid across the cutting board. Prop is intended to run for only four (4) to six (6) hours per day.

halloween props3

Dark Magic Book: The Dark Magic Book is designed to open slowly whenever someone passes by. Book requires 3 AA batteries, which are not included with purchase. When the book is open, it says one of three sayings: Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!; Round about the cauldron go, in the poisoned entrails throw! Sweltered venom, sleeping got, boil though first in the charmed pot! Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!; Ah, I see my next ingredient has arrived! With you, my spell no longer deprived! Just a morsel I will take, in the cauldron boil and bake, your youth and flesh, the only price – to ensure me of eternal life! Ah-hah-ha-ha-ha-ha!; Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hah! Another foolish child dares to trespass on this wicked place? Here now a spell to remove that smile from your pretty face! Hoggles and haggerdash, and eyes of a crow – all powers are mine now, and all that you know! Ha-ha-ha!

halloween props4

Top Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Top Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween is one of the only holidays spent primarily outside. Parents and children walk the streets, searching for candy, treats, and other goodies. Teenagers prowl the evening for mischief. College students hop from bar to bar, party to party, or hand out candy. Countless adults and elderly individuals, hoping to hand out treats to smiling children, decorate their lawn with outdoor Halloween decorations.

Since so many individuals are out and about, outdoor Halloween decorations are essential. They are the tools to attract, to lure individuals inward. These are the best outdoor Halloween decorations for seducing individuals closer, then striking upon them with primal fear.

RIP Light-up Skull Tombstone: This 22 tall tombstone is the perfect lawn ornament. Both the eyes and the RIP saying light up. The tombstone is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Purchase includes two stakes for installing the tombstone into the earth. While other tombstones merely sit, exist, and do nothing, this light-up tombstone sheds some ambiance on the evening.

halloween decorations1

Ghostly Lawn Group: If there is one place that ghosts love to hang out on, it would be the lawn. They are attracted to these areas like moths to the flame. Instead of hanging your head out the window all night, this ghastly decoration brings ghosts crashing down upon your lawn. The prop features three ghosts, which attach to the earth with stakes, who can be easily moved. Add in some extra decorations to really spook out the area.

halloween decorations2

9 Pumpkin Stack: Inflatable products have always been a huge hit during Halloween, and now this inflatable pumpkin stack is yours to enjoy. Fully inflated, stack measures approximately 9 tall. Individuals will stop and stare up at the smiling pumpkins. Thats when you hit them with some fear.

halloween decorations3

Zombie Zone: Whoa, slow down there, cowboy. You’re wandering into zombie territory, the worst kind of territory to wander into, you know. Now your guests can realize when the territory turns into something wicked. The sign utilizes the usual warning sign symbolism yellow with black figures so individuals will attract to the odd spectacle.

halloween decorations4

These outdoor Halloween decorations combine the eccentric nature of Halloween with the spooky ambiance of horror. They can be used alone or with other Halloween decorations. Do not stop until you have achieved the ideal image of scariness.

Top 4 Tips for Spooking Out Halloween Props

Top 4 Tips for Spooking Out Halloween Props

Imagine stumbling across a lawn littered with random Halloween props. There are clowns in the bushes. There’s a werewolf hanging from a tree. There are pumpkins on the roof of the house. You may stop, stare, and say, Yup, those are Halloween props, then continue walking.

Now, let’s say you were walking along and stumbled across a lawn covered in fog. The sight of the rolling fog takes you by surprise. There’s no fog anywhere else, you say. I wonder where it’s coming from. Then you walk closer, trying to find the origin of the fog. That’s when you hear music playing softly somewhere closer to the house. You stumble over a bunch of bones sticking out of the ground. A silhouette of a hanging corpse is in the window of the house. Lights flicker on the porch. Your heart pounds, and your head tells you to turn around run away, back to the street.

That’s how you use Halloween props. Fear stems from ambiance, not from cluttered Halloween props. And we’re here to help give you the top 5 tips for spooking out your Halloween prop. By the end you will have some tools to take scenario one and turn it into scenario two.

Smoke Machines: The fog in the second scenario was generated by smoke machines. While the use of a smoke machine may seem intimidating, they are very easy to use and very easy to maintain. Smoke machines come in varying sizes and wattage, with each machine producing different smoke results. Some blanket the ground with a thin sheet of fog, while others create rolling, puffy cloud coverage. Research your smoke machines before you finalize any purchase.

fog machine

Cobweb Effects: There is so much potential hidden within cobweb effects. Sure, you could stretch them out, stick them to a corner of your room, and leave them. But that’s rather simple and boring. Instead, place a red light behind the cobweb, thus giving the white web a blood-red hue. Even better, put the cobwebs in a pitch-black area, then place a flickering light behind them. The random pattern will surely spook out some people.

cobweb effects

Lights: Visual stimulation plays a vital role in creeping out your victims. Walking into a bright room is much different than walking into a darkened room, especially if there are shadows dancing on the wall. Utilize lights to create an intense image of insanity. Flickering lights work really well, but you are the only one who can determine which works the best.

halloween lights

Lawn Decorations: If you do not mind tearing up your lawn a bit, you can definitely heighten the Halloween experience with some torn earth. Bury some of your Halloween props in dirt, giving them an image of breaking out of a grave. Turn a section of your lawn into a graveyard. The smoke machine will definitely help give it some spook ambiance. Grass grows back, but Halloween only comes once per year.

outdoor halloween props

Top 4 Places to Put Halloween Decorations

Top 4 Places to Put Halloween Decorations

Even if you bought the best, most expensive, most detailed of Halloween decorations, poor placement can ruin their spooky potential. You cannot simply stick a corpse in a tree and call it scary, nor can you scatter bones about your living room and assume its creepy. It takes proper planning, diligently placing each of your Halloween decorations so as to create a complex web of sights, sounds, and ambiance.

If you want to create an exciting, memorable Halloween experience, here’s the locations to make it happen:

Kitchen: The morbid potential of your kitchen is nearly limitless. Normally, you want your cutlery, cooking area, and food to be sterile acceptable for consumption. Instead, turn that notion upside down through the use of Halloween decorations. Dump blood in the sink. Scatter organs and fingers and other fleshy bits across the cooking area. Purchase synthetic food that looks rotten, moldy. All of this imagery will overload your guests, hopefully causing stomachs to turn, kick, and lurch.

creepy kitchenware

Lawn: Unless you’re throwing a party or running a haunted house, your lawn is going to be the most viewed area. No matter the size of your lawn, all of that grass- or stone-covered earth holds great potential for your Halloween decorations. If you care to dig up your lawn a bit, half-bury some bones or zombie props. Turn your lawn into a thriving graveyard of undead monstrosities. To complete the ambiance, purchase a smoke machine and Gothic fencing.

halloween decorations

Porch: While still within the vicinity of your lawn, the porch is quite a different decorative demon to tackle. It gives you the outdoor atmosphere, without the outdoor earth. From hanging out candy to welcoming guests, countless individuals will be venturing up to your porch. Use this predetermine pathway to guide your guests into a spooky ensemble of Halloween decorations. Create a path of flickering lights. Welcome your guests with an animatronic prop. Just keep people coming forward, then hit them with the scariest prop when they have reached the actual porch.

halloween lights

Living Room: As the room that most individuals will be walking through or hanging out in, the living room must be carefully decorated. You do not want to clutter the room with large, obscure props, which get in the way of moving and socializing. However, you also want props that break the ice between strangers something for people to talk about. Decorate the walls, then focus on a central piece within the room. Purchase a large, detailed central piece and you will be all set.

indoor halloween decorations

Finalizing Your Mens Halloween Costumes

Finalizing Your Mens Halloween Costumes

With so many mens Halloween costumes scattered about the costume world, it can be difficult narrowing down your decision to an exact match. If you find yourself stuck in the stage of self-doubt, unable to finalize your choice, we are here to ease you past that mental barricade. From silly to seductive, handsome to horrifying, let’s get you ready for Halloween.

Horrfying: Men have the benefit of being able to wear whatever they want for Halloween. If you want to cover yourself in blood and stick prosthetic knives all over your body, you can do it. As the Halloween specialists, we stock plenty of horrifying costumes. Aliens bursting out of chests, cannibalistic pirates, decaying masses of rambling zombies, and the list goes on. Find the one that complements your horrifying love of Halloween, then go absolutely crazy.

Gothic: As one of the only holidays that celebrate darkness, Gothic costumes are a must-have for Halloween. Even if you have never shown the slightest appreciation for black colors, countless individuals have found their perfect mens Halloween costumes among the Gothic genre. While most of the costumes are darker and more morbid than the rest, they often contain a certain flair. If you want to combine horror, Halloween, and looking great, Gothic mens Halloween costumes are you perfect match.

Hilarious: Some individuals want to watch the world burn, while others only care for making people laugh. If you want to spin some positivity through the world, these hilarious costumes are sure to make an impact. Guts will bust with laughter, sides will split with humor, and everyone will appreciate the addition of your hilarious mens Halloween costumes. With so many to choose from, you can easily expect to find the perfect hilarious mens Halloween costumes for your personal tastes.

Sexy: Women are not the only ones who can enjoy sexy Halloween costumes. Men have been known to dabble into the mix of sexy Halloween costumes since the dawn of costumes not a proven fact which is why we have so many sexy mens Halloween costumes in stock. From Western to ghosts, there are more sections of sexy mens Halloween costumes than there are hilarious, Gothic, or horrifying. Just find the one that works for you.

Craziest Mens Halloween Costumes of 2011

Craziest Mens Halloween Costumes of 2011

One of the core benefits of mens Halloween costumes is the freedom of looking stupid on Halloween. Women have to look good, often bordering on the line of skanky and whorish, but men can dress as crazy or idiotic as they please. You want to look like a toilet drinking from a can of beans? Go ahead! You want to be an overweight samurai? Great! If you are one of the hardcore men searching for a stupid costume, these are the craziest mens Halloween costumes that we have to offer.

Weed Man: Kicking off the craziest mens Halloween costumes of 2011 is Weed Man, a superhero prone to oversleeping and consuming an excessive amount of Jack in the Box egg rolls. Always armed with his stereotypical slang of Dude and Man, Weed Man excels at getting lost in conversations and understanding the difference between oregano and other herbal substances. Plus, the felt and velvet costume materials are perfect for cooling out and listening to music.

mens costumes weed

Beaver Hunter: Next up is the Beaver Hunter, a man whose mind is more in the gutter than the forest. Equipped with a camouflage jumpsuit, orange vest, and orange hat, this man is dressed to impress, yessir. And as we all know, beavers are highly attracted to bright colors, specifically annoying-orange, which is why this hunting costume is perfect for bagging your own vivacious beaver, totally.

mens costumes beaver

Good in the Sack: As the name tag says, you will be taking the place of Good this Halloween, accompanied by his trusty sack. Stumble and bumble your way around a party, searching for that one person who actually understands the joke. I don’t get it, they will say. But you can smile wide, knowing that they’re just a little too dim to appreciate such artistic humor. I’m Good, you’ll say. Good in the sack!

mens costumes sack

Mammogram Man: I’m not going to dwell too long on this costume, simply because it has no reason to be dwelled upon. The costume includes a white lab coat, comical name tag, and three dimensional headpiece, with what appears to be a cutout in the shape of breasts. Because, you know, that’s what Mammogram Man does encourages women to stick their breasts in his face. I guess that’s the joke. I don’t really know. Let’s move on!

mens costumes mammogram

Speed Limit: Become the epitome of an upstanding citizen with this Speed Limit costume. While your friends are all revved up, energized from the partying, you can be the responsible individual, reminding them to slow down. Hey, this is a 69-mile-an-hour speed zone, mister! That’s when the ladies are sure to flock over to your inviting speed limit sign. Oh, you’re so responsible, Speed Limit, they’ll say. If only there was some kind of sexual innuendo in your costume to encourage me to make irresponsible, spontaneous decisions. Too bad, indeed, I guess Beaver Hunter will have to take care of the ladies.

mens costumes speed limit

Fashionable Mens Halloween Costumes

Fashionable Mens Halloween Costumes

As a man, you do not have the ease of costume shopping quite like the opposite gender. While womens costumes focus on skanky or scandalous styles, mens Halloween costumes are thrown under the bus, often known only for their humorous, silly tendencies. We want to help do away with this constant lack of focus on mens Halloween costumes. If you are a man who wants a fashionable Halloween experience, these are the mens Halloween costumes to make it happen.

Gangster Suit: Beckoning the smooth style of the 20s and 30s, this Gangster Suit features a double-breasted coat design and elastic waist pants. The pants and jacket is a brown pin-striped polyester blend. Hat, shirt, tie, and gun are not included in the purchase. If you want to sweep into a party with the style of a Casanova, this is the costume to make it happen.

mens costumes gangster

Highway Patrol Officer: Utilizing the professional appeal of a man in uniform, this Highway Patrol Officer gives you a near-authentic representation of sexual power. The uniform includes jacket, pants, and boot tops, but does not include shoes, glasses, shirt, and handcuffs. Combine the Highway Patrol Officer outfit with your own taste for fashion and you can easily enjoy a fashionable evening of patrolling parties.

mens costumes highway

Gambling Man: The Wild West was full of the manliest men every to walk upon the Earth, and now this Gambling Man outfit gives you the fashionable ability of recreating those historical, wild times. The outfit includes a vest, dickie, hat, garter, and pin, and does not include pants, toy cigar, shoes, or playing cards. Let loose your wild side of gambling and playing cards, then enjoy a fun time this Halloween.

mens costumes gambling

Saturday Night Fever: Party and dance away the night with the true passion of a fashionable monster with this Saturday Night Fever outfit. Included with the purchase is a shirt with attached white imprinted vest, black butterfly collar with sleeves, white flared pants, and white fitted jacket. As an Officially Licensed costume, the costume comes straight out of the movies and into your life.

mens costumes saturday

Southern Gentleman: Appreciate the air of living like a Southern Gentleman with this intense Halloween costume. Not all cowboys were gentlemen, but now you can live like one. The costume includes a long coat, vest with attached shirt sleeves and chain, dickie with attached tie, and hat.

mens costumes gentleman

Top 5 Mens Halloween Costumes for Dressing to Impress

Top 5 Mens Halloween Costumes for Dressing to Impress

Although the focus of Halloween is put upon costumes, it can also be an especially perfect time to find yourself a seductive partner-in-crime. Rather than panic and worry about which mens Halloween costumes work best, we have compiled a list of our personal favorites. From partying to trick-or-treating, and everything in between, these are some of the most impressive mens Halloween costumes we have to offer.

Police Officer: As ZZ Top said so many years ago, Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man, and this Police Officer costume continues that trend. If you find yourself in need of a fashionable uniform that utilizes a stereotypical image, this is one of the ideal mens Halloween costumes for you. The costume includes a short sleeve shirt with patches and badge, pants, utility belt, and hat with badge.

mens costumes officer

Noble Knight: There has yet to be a more manly, symbolic uniform than the medieval knight, who rescues princesses, slays dragons, and generally saves the day. Storm any Halloween castle and you are sure to find the damsel-in-distress waiting for your arrival. Noble Knight mens Halloween costumes include tunic with attached sleeves, belt, and boot covers. Does not include sword, pants, or shoes.

mens costumes knight

Western Wandering Gunman: Clint Eastwood created the iconic image of the cowboy, and now you can appreciate that image with the Western Wandering Gunman costume. Similar to the legendry of John Wayne, Clint Eastwood revolutionized the cowboy genre, causing women everywhere to swoon for his company. Each of these mens Halloween costumes include a brown poncho with white designs, and a vest with attached shirt and necktie. Does not include cigar or six-shooter.

mens costumes western

High Flyer: Since the explosive arrival of Top Gun, aviator pilots have joined the ranks of one of the sexiest mens Halloween costumes. The dangerous lifestyle, the military training, and the aviator glasses all combine to give you an impressive image for this year’s Halloween. Each costume includes top, jacket, faux shirt front, and hat. Does not include glasses or shoes.

mens costumes high flyer

Swashbuckler: Everyone has, at some point, imagined living the life of a pirate. With these swashbuckler mens Halloween costumes, that dream is one step closer to reality. Steal into a party, bombard your guests with your charming personality, then light up the night with some swashbuckling fun. Each costume includes jacket with attached shirt, belt, chest straps, waist sash, and head scarf. Does not include shoes or eye patch.

mens costumes swashbuckler

Adult Costume Movie Party

Adult Costume Movie Party

New movies are breaking the silver screen surface with every passing month, but only a few of them drum up enough attention to attract dedicated, costumed fans. Harry Potter, for example, is one of those movies where dressing up in an adult costume and watching the movie makes it that much more of an enjoyable experience. From Captain America to Lord of the Rings, let’s get ready for an amazing adult costume movie party!

Ghostbusters: One of the greatest movies ever created, and now you can appreciate it even further with the addition of a Ghostbuster adult costume. Ghostbusters is one of those movies where everyone seems to know the lines, the characters, and scenes, often quoting them along with the movie. Gather up your friends, encourage them to find their own Ghostbuster costumes, then recreate the ghost hunting fun of the movies.

The Big Lebowski: Another cult classic that has withstood the test of time, The Big Lebowski is full of iconic characters and costumes. All of your friends and guests can each call dibs on their own The Big Lebowski adult costume, since there are so many options. From The Dude to Jesus, we have all of The Big Lebowski costumes, so the whole gang can hang out in your house and laugh away the night as they watch this intensely hilarious movie.

Transformers: Mechanized monstrosities meet upon the battlefield of Earth, where the destiny of their world and ours will be decided by their metallic violence. Dress in your own Transformers adult costume to choose which side you support Autobots or Decepticons. With the blaring battle playing in front of you, and your friends dressed in Transformers costumes, you are sure to love every minute of your movie party.

Wizard of Oz:This is one of the greatest movies ever created, which is why it is among the most popular of movie parties. From the Cowardly Lion to Dorothy, Wizard of Oz costumes make it so everyone is sure to find an adult costume amidst the cast of Wizard of Oz. Find your own adult costume, then invite some friends over for a night of fantasy and adventure. When it’s all over, you may be pumped up to find your own post-movie party fun.