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Dress as Your Fave Current Event for Halloween

One of the most talked-about Halloween costumes of the season, the “Bad Planning” (get it?) “BP” Oil Spill costume is in stock on — what do you think?

“Bad Planning” – BP Oil Spill Costume

When the Oil Spill Halloween costume design was released publicly in August, it was pretty controversial. A month and change can be a lot of time as far as current events go; it’s still in bad taste (and let me be clear: by saying it’s in bad taste, I’m not saying I’m offended by it, nor am I saying that Halloween costumes should be in “good” taste), but it was a little more shocking when the oil was still gushing, I think. Still, if you want a costume that says “2010,” this is it.

Well, that, or this:

Classic Witch Costume

Plus a red “NO” symbol painted on it — Christine O’Donnell! (Take it however you want.)

Monster Cereals are back for 2010 — with a whole new look

Boo Berry's 2010 Cereal Box Photo: Holly Quinn

They’re back! Monster Cereals — Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and my personal favorite, Boo Berry — are in stock again for the Halloween season, and the look is all new. I picked up this box of Boo Berry yesterday, and wow! The style has changed pretty drastically from any of the Monsters designs we’ve seen before (outside of fan art, anyway). Boo has a more translucent look, and all three are looking more like characters on a modern Cartoon Network show than pure nostalgia.

I think it’s super cool, personally. What do you think?

This Weekend: Elvira’s Movie Macabre Returns

Elvira Deluxe Halloween Costume

Check your local listings for Elvira’s Movie Macabre, hosted by the one and only Elvira, Mistress of the Dark! The episode will feature the classic “Night of the Living Dead” and airs during the darkest hours on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday, depending on your market (most markets will air it twice). Here in the Philly area, it’s on WPHL 17 –

It really is time to bring back Midnight Movies, don’t you think?

Pimp Out Your Pet for Halloween

Big Daddy Dog Halloween Costume

I’m not much of a dog person — the whole picking up poo and carrying it around thing doesn’t do it for me — but I think, if I had a dog, I’d dress it for Halloween. I know some people think it’s cruel, but really? Any dog doted on enough to be dressed in a dog Halloween costume probably has a pretty sweet life.

Some of the coolest pet Halloween costumes in the Catalog this year:

Monkey Dog Rider Pet Halloween Costume

This fez-wearing dog-riding monkey is amazing. Amazingly freaky!

Star Wars Princess Leia Dog Halloween Costume

Whoever came up with the idea to design dog costumes so that it looks like the dog is a tiny human is truly twisted. I think the officially licensed Star Wars Halloween costumes are the most hilarious, but if you’re more into Wonder Woman, Indiana Jones, Batman or Shrek, those styles are available, too.

Taco Dog Halloween Costume

The hat makes it.

Zelda Bouffant Dog Halloween Costume

Not convinced that your average dog would actually wear a wig and glasses any longer than it might take to snap a photo, but something tells me that, if I had a dog, I’d try and find out if he would.

You Too Can Be a Star Trek Zombie

If you haven’t seen the book trailer for Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall’s “Night of the Living Trekkies,” it’s a blast (and yes, it’s a trailer for the recently released book, not a movie):

Click to view trailer on io9

Costumed Star Trek fans in the zombie apocalypse — what’s not to love? It’s inspirational, too. A Zombie Trekkie Halloween costume is twice the fun. Take your basic zombie makeup (liquid latex, pale/grey and black cream makeup, fake blood, maybe some scar putty), but instead of wearing your dad’s old shirt that’s been stomped on in dirt and ripped up, put on one of these:

Star Trek Next Generation Gold Shirt Deluxe Adult Costume

Star Trek Secret Wishes Red Dress

Spock Wig, with Spock ears and Star Trek 2009 Blue Shirt

Ghoul Out Your Windows for Halloween

When decorating the outside — or the inside — of your home for Halloween, it can be easy to overlook the windows. Don’t do it! A well-decorated window can make a big difference, turning your nice, lived-in home into the picture of a terrifying haunted house on Halloween.

Mummy Window

The Mummy Window decorations adheres to the inside of a pair of double windowpane doors, making it look like the mummy is trying to escape.

Cat Eye Window

This is the coolest, if you have windows on either side of your front door — or any pair of 60″ x 36″ windows — looks like a giant Halloween black cat is inside the house looking out!

Drips of Blood Splat

Stick-on blood splatter for your windows! Highlight these by hanging a white sheet and dirtied gauze behind them as a curtain. Some polyester spiderwebs wouldn’t hurt, either.

Black Widow Window

Black Widow Window (say that five times fast) is a dramatic Halloween window decoration that looks like a giant 3D spider crawling up the window. Heads will turn.

All available from

Freak Out the Neighborhood

Have you been on the Facebook page lately? Fans from all over are sharing photos and videos from Halloweens past — especially the amazing yard decorations and home-based haunted houses. Envious? You too can create an awesome haunted room or yard! There are more cool decorations on than anyone could ever cover in one blog post, but here are a some of the new higher end props (and one budget-friendly fun pick):

Stalkaround Creepo The Clown

Scar the neighbor kids for life with this scary 8-foot puppet that appears to move and walk on its own. $2,750.99.

Egyptian King Torso

Scary life-sized latex mummy torso to decorate your lawn or snack table. $299.99

Animated Suspended Skeleton

Thrashing animatronic skeleton! $3,199.99

Runaway Ghost Scene Light Up

Looking for something a bit lighter? This 8-foot long inflatable Pac-Man-inspired Halloween decoration will light up the lawn and get the laughs — only $89.99.

Halloween is coming… what’s in your cupboard?

Finally -- Halloween groceries! Photo: Holly Quinn

Those marketing people have got my number: I can not walk by a Halloween-themed product. Orange cream-filled Oroes? Into the cart. Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer? Give it. While I’ve been picking up Halloween tchotchkes at Dollar stores since midsummer (fave: mini fake-stone gargoyle with gravestone waterball), it’s not until the grocery stores start stocking Halloween versions of regular boring stuff that the fun really starts. Today, on my weekly shopping trip, I was treated to Halloween paper towels and Halloween Chips Deluxe, both on sale! I really should stock up.

Have you come across Halloween groceries yet this season? Have an all-time favorite? Comment!


Cupcakes are hot. The best part? Cupcake artists go all out to create the cutest, cleverest and, sometimes, creepiest cupcakes possible. Case in point: I attended an event for the Fringe Wilmington Festival a couple of nights ago, and among the extreme cuisine offerings were ghoulish little cakes like these:

Creepy cupcakes by Cupcake KABOOM! Photo: Jessica Graae

Mmmm… body parts! These are done by pros, and I wouldn’t discourage anyone from tracking down their local cupcake artists and having them supply your Halloween party. It’s a lot of work. But, if you have the confectionary creativity, you can make your own, for parties, fall barbecues, Halloween bake sales or just for fun–and Fright Catalog can help:

Skull Cupcake Pan

I love the skull cupcake pan, because you don’t have to do much but pour cupcake or muffin batter in, bake, and pop out ghoulishly molded cakes. Only makes four cakes, so it’s more suited for a creepy family breakfast or dessert than a big party, unless you buy several–which isn’t out of the question, as each nonstick pan is only $4.99.

Pumpkin Cake Pan

The pumpkin cake pan is a full-sized single layer cake pan that would be ideal for your annual pumpkin bread, made with the meaty guts of your jack-o-lantern.

Halloween Cupcake Box

Transporting cupcakes to a Halloween party or bake sale? You’ll need the Halloween cupcake box, to stylishly carry twelve cupcakes. Also good for Halloween cupcake swaps. I’ve never participated in a Halloween cupcake swap, but come on–that’s a good idea!

Happy 9.02.10

Today is September 2nd, 2010 – or 90210! Since this is truly a once in a lifetime event, and even though I NEVER watched the show back in the ’90s [cough!], it’s worth having some fun with it.

Click ... if you dare

Remember the classic Halloween episode where Kelly almost gets raped at the costume party, but Brenda and Donna saved the day? OK, I had to Google it, but I do remember it–and the costumes, from Steve’s Zorro, Donna’s mermaid, and the sleazy cowboy.