London Opens Human Flesh Meat Market

While we continue to grow excited for showing off our Halloween costumes, there’s something strange brewing in the UK: Capcom, video game developer and publisher of the widely successful Resident Evil franchise, has opened an edible meat market in London. No big deal, right? Wrong. It’s a human flesh meat market. Take a look:

Reminds me of the human bakery, in Thailand. This stuff is straight out of someone’s nightmare.

To be fair, the meat is not, in fact, made from human flesh. It’s mammalian meat designed in the shape of human body parts, though it still gives the whole meat consumption thing an eery vibe.

5 thoughts on “London Opens Human Flesh Meat Market

  1. Doris

    I think this is cool but I really do not think that it is real humans right? If this was here in NYC you can bet I will be there ready to sample.

  2. harley_horror

    i would totally try this even though its not really human meat looks like steak or pork but would be cool to freak some people out. if they started these around the us i would totally go.

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