Bomb Squad Called Due to Halloween Costume

It wouldn’t feel like October if someone somewhere weren’t having a bomb squad called due to hyper realistic Halloween costumes. Thankfully, in San Mateo, California, that’s exactly what happened.

At 9:30am today, a man identified as Gilberto Masias was driving around town while wearing a gas mask with grenades hanging from his neck. This freaked out some of the locals, who immediately called the police.

The police called the sheriff’s department, which responded by sending out a bomb squad to find the guy. After evacuating about a half-block area, the bomb squad members detained Masias, where upon they discovered that he was wearing a Halloween costume.

“Sir, I’mma have to ask you to tone down your costume’s awesomeness.”

But it gets better: bomb squad members also discovered an inert grenadeĀ in his car, according to

When asked about the gas mask and grenade, Masias claimed to be a costume shop worker wearing an early Halloween costume, so as to get into the mood for the month.

Now, let’s talk for a minute about this guy’s dedication to Halloween costumes. I understand wearing a costume around to get a feel for it, to get into the character, and so forth. But an inactive grenade? Where the hell does someone get an inactive grenade? And why would you carry it around?

Plus, the bomb squad claims to only have found one inactive grenade, yet locals claimed he wore a necklace of grenades. Did he purchase the necklace and accidentally end up receiving an actual grenade? If so, that’s awesome.

I wonder if the police would have reacted the same way if Masias were a woman.

Well, maybe not too awesome, since Masias was cited for possession of an inactive grenade.

Regardless, this is definitely a sign of things to come, this month. It’s time to bust out those costumes, people, because Halloween is only 28 days away. Get those Halloween decorations up, finalize those costumes, and start preparing for the madness, because it’s only just begun.

4 thoughts on “Bomb Squad Called Due to Halloween Costume

  1. c0ry

    what a clown.they shouldve beaten the crap out of him for pulling that.yeah like he didnt know what happend in that movie theatre not that long ago.idiocy at its finest.

  2. PlasmaSprayer

    You just gotta’ love this guys dedication. He’s probably as tickled as a baby’s foot in a feather shop that he got the reaction that he did. I guess that means the costume is pretty authentic looking! As far as a dud hand grenade? You can purchase them at nearly any army surplus store…I have several for Halloween costumes of my own!

  3. Not The Green Man

    Way to go, asshat.

    Remember what ANOTHER idiot in SWAT gear did in Aurora, CO?

    I hope he gets the book thrown at him!

  4. Not The Green Man

    I mean, you’re excited for Halloween. Fine.

    But employ some COMMON SENSE!

    If your average person sees a guy in a gas mask and grenades, how do they know you’re just kidding? There are too many examples of mass shootings for people NOT to take that seriously.

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