Zombie Free, Residential

Friday Friday Friday! In just two days, Retribution, the fifth installment of the EPIC Resident Evil series hits US theaters!

Which got us to thinking about the upcoming apocalypse scheduled for December of this year. What if our demise is something like the T-virus? What would be a good way to survive a zombie infestation?

Surly movies offer a great deal of education on the subject.
For example, there is always the example of going to a military compound set by those brilliant characters in 28 Days Later. Then again, who wants to hang out with a bunch of stiff army types when they can just go to their favorite bar? The thirstier people out there might take a note out of Shawn of the Dead instead. But this begs the question- where is the best place to whether a zombie invasion?

Our top five places are:

1. An uninhabited island– preferably not of the desert variety, but instead one where it would be possible to grow and harvest crops.

2. A tree top cabin– This solution could work in any climate. An approach like this offers protection from the skies- you will be able to see your attackers before they see you! Plus, depending on the volume of zombies in your immediate area, a tree fort will allow for occasional scavenging, hunting and water collecting.

3. A boat– Clearly, the most logical vessel to choose if you decided to take to the ocean would be a wind powered boat. Although cruising under power can be a lot more convenient and faster, you wouldn’t want to risk infection while you’re pumping diesel at the marina. Add in some fishing poles and a sea water purifier and sailing should be smooth.

4. An Oil Rig– The good thing about an oil rig that a boat doesn’t offer is the opportunity to stay put in one place. However when food runs low or if a mutation allows the undead to take to the water- mobility wins out.

5. An Empty Prison– Think about it- for all the security there is to keep people in, there is also an equal amount of protection to keep people (or zombies) out. Turn the prison yard into a little garden and you’ll be all set.

Then again Bill Murray might have just had the best idea, if you can’t beat em, join em! That’s what his character did in Zombieland!

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