The Dark Knight Rises Will Make So Much Money

There is no doubt about it – The Dark Knight Rises is going to make so much money. Got any doubt? Let’s take a look at the Dark Knight Rises costumes:




Look at those costumes! They’re absolutely amazing, and I cannot wait to see them on the silver screen. Plus, Anne Hathaway is one smoking Catwoman – meow. (Now to figure out how to get my girlfriend into a Dark Knight Rises Catwoman costume.)

But are the costumes not enough proof for why this movie is going to make a financial killer? How about this: robots. Yup, leaked photographs from The Dark Knight Rises set shows the Batmobile turning into a bipedal robot. Boom:


More Batmobiles (Why not?)

Sure, the movie’s release is still months away (July 20), but I am beyond pumped for the trilogy’s finale. Plus, if The Dark Knight Rises actually manages to be better than The Dark Knight, it will be one of the few trilogies that each film was better than the last.

Now do yourself a favor: watch the trailer in HD. Don’t want to go look for it? Don’t worry, I did all the work for you.



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