In a remarkable marketing stunt, left 900 pounds of Butterfingers candy bars in Copley Square, Boston. Next to the pile of candy, a sign read, “Thank you Wes Welker –”

Clearly, the company is calling out Welker, the wide receiver for the Patriots, who dropped a crucial pass late in last Sunday’s Super Bowl game. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what the message here is: thinks Welker is all Butterfingers.

The company put out a Twitter message, “We’re giving Boston a late morning snack to get over Sunday’s loss #butterfingers.”

Here’s a picture of people clamoring for their Butterfingers:

pawngo butterfingers


If you’re in Boston, go get yourself a late snack!

  1. Ms Zee says:

    Jerks! The team lost the game not just one! Pawngo can do what their name says Go

  2. Tom Carr says:

    Horrible and childish. should be ashamed and I have but one word for them…boycott…This was not a loss from one single pass. The Giants merely played a better game overall and won. Grow up.

  3. Krystle1kat says:

    Wow I have never seen so much nastiness and hatred in my life over a football game. This is rediculous. Wes felt incredibly bad about that dropped pass. Let’s just rub salt in the wound, as if all of the classless unsportsmanlike Giants fans haven’t done enough already.

  4. B says:

    it’s a pawn store site – what do you expect? (however horrible their marketing strategy, unfortunately it worked.)

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