Columbia Pictures to Turn Goosebumps Books into Big-Screen Film

In May 2008, Columbia Pictures snagged the rights to more than 50 Goosebumps books written by R.L. Stine. Since then, the studio has been looking for the right director, writers, and producers.

But according to recent news released on, Columbia Pictures is now closing a deal with Darren Lemke, the writer behind Jack the Giant Killer, to pen the big-screen adaptation of these childrens horror books.

Goosebumps movie

The producers behind the film are Neal Moritz, along with Sony-based Original Film group, and Deborah Forte, a member of Scholastic Entertainment.

Known for its classic sci-fi/horror stories, Goosebumps has helped bring horror to countless children, without stuffing in the usual horror tropes of gore, sex, and blood. Adult horror books often leave whole sections to describing dead bodies and body parts, while Goosebumps seeks to make its audience laugh, not cringe.

goosebumps movie2

While it is unclear as to which of the Goosebumps books will see big-screen action, it is clear that these studios are taking their time with its creation. One can only hope that the finished product is worth the Goosebumps name.



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