The Devil Inside: Horror, or Horrible?

If you were one of the unlucky many to see The Devil Inside this weekend, I am so, so sorry. Although the film pulled approximately $34.5 million in the box office, it also managed a meager 7% approval rating on

To put that 7% into perspective, Twilight received a 49%, and that movie catches all kinds of flak. Someone must have sold their soul no pun intended – to get The Devil Inside to the #1 spot.

the devil inside

I admit that I did not see the movie this weekend, nor do I plan on seeing it anytime soon. Hell, not even Redboxs prices are low enough for this film. I watch a horror movie to be scared, not to have the horror come from actually sitting through the film.

But here’s the question: How did a movie this bad, this openly hated by critics, become the #1 seller in the box office? It had no 3-D elements, and there wasn’t a single blue alien fighting to save a tree.

Was it the nearly 4-minute red band trailer? Were people hoping the film would be like The Exorcist? Maybe it was the news of a filmgoer possessed during the premiere of the film. Whatever it was, this films box office results were clearly the product of masterful marking skills.

So now I want to hear from our audience members. Did anyone enjoy this film? Would you recommend that your friendly blogger see the film and give an impression?

If enough people say yes, I’ll do it – I’ll watch a critically hated film, and then I’ll write about the experience.

3 thoughts on “The Devil Inside: Horror, or Horrible?

  1. matt w

    It sucked. So much promise. Had great elements, but never delivered. I saw it because it looked like it would be different from every other terrible exorcism movie. It was not.

  2. Jennifer

    I liked this movie, sorry 3-d is not a big selling point for me. Things I didn’t like about the movie

    1. It looked like it was going to be an ACTUAL movie, but it was shot documentary style, ie. paranormal activity, blair witch project, clover field, etc.

    2. The ending. It left you with a lame ass blog website to check out for more information on the movie.

    Other than that it was pretty good, it had it’s moments, and I can say I was scared during the exorsism parts of the moive. I would recommend it, but honestly when you compare ANYTHING to the EXORSIST… well nothing comes in comparision to that movie.

  3. Zach and Kamille

    The wife and I did NOT like this movie at all…. I personally think the problem with this movie was that they showed almost every single scary part in the movie, in the commercials! It left nothing up for surprise… that being said, it seems that scary movies these days all have the same feel to them. You always have something jump out at you with a loud noise/scream and that’s it. I think that when the dog barked at you was the scariest part of that whole movie, and that’s not a spoiler at all…

    Oh and the ending??? Holy crap what a lame ass choice for endings…

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