Halloween Expo 2012

Hello Fright Fans,

As stated on our Facebook yesterday, the FrightCatalog gang is down here in Houston, Texas, covering Halloween Expo 2012. But since we’d be nothing without our faithful customers, we want to share the experience with you! So, here’s the first update of the convention:

The Expo opened at 8 AM, but they wouldn’t let anyone in until 9 AM, so we all just stood around for an hour. Nothing really happened. Some people mingled, attractive models in skimpy costumes walked through the crowd, and that’s pretty much it. Here’s a video of the entrance:

Once inside, I wandered over to the California Costume Collections booth, where I found this astonishing vampire mask and wings costume:

Yup, the wings move on their own. It blew my mind how cool these would be to wear around. Technology is definitely entering the Halloween industry, and I cannot wait to see what else is in store.

Also in the California Costume Collections booth were these Get Your Zombie On! costume kits:

Each kit includes the necessary makeup and accessories to transform your face into a ghoulish horror, as seen on the models above the displayed kits. Simple, easy-to-apply, and perfect for any zombie-loving Halloween fan.

But enough about California Costume Collections and their sweet products. I wanted to find some high quality weapons, and the Charades booth definitely delivered:

As you can see in the video, I squeezed the hell out of that foam hammer and it didn’t budge an inch. A Charades representative said they make the weapons specifically to give the wielder some heft, because “lightweight weapons don’t feel awesome enough.” The hammer, for example, has a metal rod running through the handle. No cheap materials, no unsatisfied customers, that’s the way to run a Halloween business.

Next I set my sights on the Forum Novelties booth, but I barely made it away from Charades when this terrifying attraction caught my attention:

That’s a 15′ clown costume worn by the president of Beyond Sales. The costume is fully moveable – wrists, arms, head, back, legs – and the president claims to have snowboarded down a mountain while wearing it. On the table is a DVD player showing clips of him rollerblading around Vancouver, Washington.

Then I finally made my way over to Forum Novelties, where they showed me their latest line of Halloween monster masks:

I had a good laugh when I saw the Obama mask at the end of the line. A political monster is still a monster, I guess, depending on your views.

And lastly, while heading away from the booths to write up this post, I stumbled upon what I can only call the “Demon Baby Ring of Death”:

So, that’s it for now, Fright Fans, but there will be plenty more coming up later today and tomorrow. If you want to see anything specific, like more vampire or zombie stuff, drop us a comment and we’ll check it out.

Warm Bodies: Like Twilight, but with Zombies

Let’s get this out of the way: I don’t read romance novels. I find the whole genre to be a plague upon all good and great things within the world. Before Twilight, for example, vampires and werewolves were fearsome creatures who stalked the night and tore bodies to pieces, not melodramatic teenagers who skipped math class to make out. (Don’t worry, we still stock the hardcore vampire costumes.)

But Twilight is a singular occurrence, right? Vampires and werewolves are the only ones to have felt the soft, seductive hands of the romance genre, right? I mean, theres no way someone could write a financially successful romance novel about, say, a zombie, right?


This is where I introduce you to Warm Bodies, a zombie romance novel.

warm bodies2
The book.

Heres the plot, according to Wikipedia:

R is a zombie. After a zombie apocalypse, he slowly moves through an America made up of collapsed buildings, rusted cars, shattered glass, and hollowed-out high-rises. He can speak only in grunts and simple syllables and craves human brains to get high on the memories they contain. After eating the brain of a suicidal teen, R is overcome with love for the teen’s companion, Julie Grigio. R rescues Julie from certain death by his zombie pack and takes her back to his lair. She eventually leaves, and R follows her to back to Citi Stadium, the largest remaining human habitation.

Somehow, the book has earned enough attention to garnish a film adaptation, which is expected to hit theaters this year. While I applaud the concept of zombies eating human brains to get high off memories, I cannot express any joy toward this novel or film. Zombies are the over-milked fad of recent years, and now the genre comes face-to-face with romance.

warm bodies
The movie.

If anything, lets hope this movie kills the zombie fad and we can move onto the next horror icon to become popular, whored out, and then mixed with romance.

Handmade Gothic Dolls Available at FrightCatalog.com

When it comes to horror, FrightCatalog.com prides itself on being ahead of the curve, which is why we feverishly scour for new, unique products – the kind you literally will not find anywhere else. Our most recent discovery came from an independent artist in Southern California, a woman who specializes in creating handmade Gothic dolls.

Each doll is individually crafted, not made by a machine in some foreign country. The dolls range from a Day of the Dead nun to a vampire girl with mouths for eyes and these are only two of the thirty options available.

If you have any kind of love for the macabre, these dolls should seize your heart with horrifying joy. We listed the dolls online on our eBay store some days ago, with the prices starting at one penny one penny! but the auctions still have some days to run. Check out some of the dolls listed below, and then toss your bid into the mix.

Click a picture to jump to the doll’s eBay page (or click here to head to our eBay store):

Columbia Pictures to Turn Goosebumps Books into Big-Screen Film

In May 2008, Columbia Pictures snagged the rights to more than 50 Goosebumps books written by R.L. Stine. Since then, the studio has been looking for the right director, writers, and producers.

But according to recent news released on HollywoodReporter.com, Columbia Pictures is now closing a deal with Darren Lemke, the writer behind Jack the Giant Killer, to pen the big-screen adaptation of these childrens horror books.

Goosebumps movie

The producers behind the film are Neal Moritz, along with Sony-based Original Film group, and Deborah Forte, a member of Scholastic Entertainment.

Known for its classic sci-fi/horror stories, Goosebumps has helped bring horror to countless children, without stuffing in the usual horror tropes of gore, sex, and blood. Adult horror books often leave whole sections to describing dead bodies and body parts, while Goosebumps seeks to make its audience laugh, not cringe.

goosebumps movie2

While it is unclear as to which of the Goosebumps books will see big-screen action, it is clear that these studios are taking their time with its creation. One can only hope that the finished product is worth the Goosebumps name.

Sixty-Four Horror Films in Five Minutes

If youre anything like the me, you hate Tuesdays. Sure, Mondays catch the most flak, what with its the-weekend-is-too-short, I-hate-my-job feeling, but at least the weekend absence from work gives you something to talk with coworkers about on Monday. Hey, Frank, what’d you do this weekend? Sell Halloween props? Wow, tell me about it.

Tuesdays, though, are transitional days, carrying you from the dreadful start of the week to the glorious midweek hump known as Wednesday. The only other transitional day is Thursday, which has the looming boon of Friday being only 24-hours away, followed quickly by the weekend. No, Tuesdays are the worst of the weekdays – the epitome of a nine-to-five lifestyle; the bane of an exciting life.

Thankfully, we here at FrightCatalog.com share this distaste for Tuesdays, so were always on the lookout for something to put a pep in our Tuesday step. Today, on this Tuesday, we stumbled upon a video that crams sixty-four horror films into a five-minute trailer.

Give it a gander, let the familiar horror films flow through your fleshy eyes, and remember, the weekend is only three more days away.

The Team Behind The Devil Inside Starts Work On Untitled Horror Project

And so it begins: due to the mass amount of money made with the initial box office release of The Devil Inside, the films co-writers William Brent Bell and Matthew Peterman are now starting on a new untitled horror project.

devil inside
Most audience members left the film feeling like this woman.

Sierra/Affinity and their partner Incentive Filmed Entertainment will fund and produce the project, while William Brent Bell will continue his work as the films director. Seeing as how The Devil Inside is currently sitting at a 6% on RottenTomatoes.com, maybe this time Bell will actually make a good movie and not rely on a heavy advertisement campaign to produce sales.

According to Variety.com, Details are under wraps other than the style of filmmaking the team brought to The Devil Inside [will] be applied to another horror mythology. So if you hated the found-footage style of The Devil Inside, you may want to stay clear of the next project created by Bell and Peterman.

In addition, the same producers that worked on The Devil Inside will see a return with this new project, which includes Steven Schneider, Matthew Peterman, and Morris Paulson.

The CEO of Sierra/Affinity, Nick Meyer, said, From day one we have been huge fans of this filmmaking team and the way they have crafted a unique movie-going experience with The Devil Inside. These are filmmakers we know and trust and they bring an original voice and style to our next project that will once again introduce audiences to a new expectation of what one can define as a genre film.

Talk Of A Sequel To The Devil Inside

While the movie itself was horrid rubbish, the box office sales produced over the release weekend of The Devil Inside has got the producers talking about a possible sequel.

Steven Schneider, one of the executive producers for The Devil Inside, said, It’s a little premature. Everybody is processing what happened the remarkable weekend we had and feeling really good about that. Schneider continued, Certainly the filmmakers and Lorenzo (di Bonaventura) and I would all love to explore [a sequel] with the studio and I think we believe that there is absolutely the potential to carry forward out storylines from the original. It would be a rather organic and fun process and one that would lead to great results.

Steven Schneider
Steven Schneider.

To give you an idea of this guy’s career history, he also produced Paranormal Activity 3 and Insidious, and he was the executive producer for Paranormal Activity 1 and 2. Basically, the guy loves mediocre horror movies that are hyped to hell and back, causing them to actually produce revenue.

But let’s add some context to what he just said: Lorenzo di Bonaventura was another of the executive producers for The Devil Inside, but di Bonaventura was also the producer for the Transformers franchise and Salt, two financially successful film projects that received mixed reviews from audiences.

These two guys, di Bonaventura and Schneider, are in the film business to make money that much is clear but does Schneider really believe that people will want to see a second The Devil Inside film?

They fooled us once with the first film, but they have to be seriously disconnected from reality to believe that they can fool us twice.

The Devil Inside: Horror, or Horrible?

If you were one of the unlucky many to see The Devil Inside this weekend, I am so, so sorry. Although the film pulled approximately $34.5 million in the box office, it also managed a meager 7% approval rating on RottenTomatoes.com.

To put that 7% into perspective, Twilight received a 49%, and that movie catches all kinds of flak. Someone must have sold their soul no pun intended – to get The Devil Inside to the #1 spot.

the devil inside

I admit that I did not see the movie this weekend, nor do I plan on seeing it anytime soon. Hell, not even Redboxs prices are low enough for this film. I watch a horror movie to be scared, not to have the horror come from actually sitting through the film.

But here’s the question: How did a movie this bad, this openly hated by critics, become the #1 seller in the box office? It had no 3-D elements, and there wasn’t a single blue alien fighting to save a tree.

Was it the nearly 4-minute red band trailer? Were people hoping the film would be like The Exorcist? Maybe it was the news of a filmgoer possessed during the premiere of the film. Whatever it was, this films box office results were clearly the product of masterful marking skills.

So now I want to hear from our audience members. Did anyone enjoy this film? Would you recommend that your friendly FrightCatalog.com blogger see the film and give an impression?

If enough people say yes, I’ll do it – I’ll watch a critically hated film, and then I’ll write about the experience.

Carrie Remake In The Works

Well, it seems 2012 is going down as the year of remakes. MGM and Sony Screen Gems currently have their hands on a remake of Stephen King’s Carrie.

carrie remake

The two companies have their sights set on Kimberly Pierce as director. Pierce is best known for her work on the 1999 drama / romance / crime film Boys Don’t Cry, which Pierce directed and co-wrote.

Since it has been nearly forty years since the release of the original Carrie, Hollywood has taken it upon themselves to update the film for a new generation. The remake script was written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who recently rewrote Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark on Broadway. Rumors claim that Aguirre-Sacasa wrote the remake as a version of Carrie that is more like the original Stephen King novel.

As long as this remake is nothing like the sequel The Rage: Carrie 2, it may actually turn out to be all right.

Evil Dead Remake: Out With The Ash, In With The Mia

When we previously discussed the Evil Dead remake, the writers were still aiming to have the character David as the star replacement for the original Ash. According to news released yesterday by Ghost House and Mandate Pictures, however, his sister Mia stole the limelight and will now wear the mantle as Ashs replacement.

The decision makes sense: no living male can match the manly, chainsaw-wielding imagery of Bruce Campbell’s Ash. But a female – that’s a whole different story. A woman can create her own image and personality as Ash, one that may even rival the original popularity of Bruce Campbell’s Ash.

Lilly Collins (The Blind Side, Priest, Mirror Mirror) is scheduled to play the part of Mia in the Evil Dead remake, which should hit cinema theaters on April 12, 2013.

Here’s a recent photo of Lilly:

lilly collins evil dead

According to BloodyDisgusting, In this version, the story centers on five friends (David, Natalie, Eric, Olivia, and Mia) holed up at a remote cabin where they discover a Book of the Dead with a demonic force unleashed possessing each until only one is left to fight for survival.

Mias character has a background of drug use, a habit that recently caused a nonfatal overdose. Mia goes with her friends to the cabin to escape from all temptations of drug relapse. Since she is struggling with sobriety, none of the other friends believe her claims of seeing and experiencing paranormal activity, like trees coming alive and attacking her.

The Evil Dead remake begins filming this March, in New Zealand.