Movie Trailer: You Can’t Kill Stephen King


you cant kill stephen king poster

You ever see movie or show so embarrassingly awkward and unfunny, you physically feel uncomfortable? If you’re like me, you’ll find an excuse to change the television channel, or pretend you need something from another room – any room, really, just somewhere away. Well, that’s how I feel about the trailer for You Can’t Kill Stephen King, a horro film currently in the post-production stage.

Plot synopsis: Six friends head to a small town, where they hope to meet Stephen King, but, instead, they are murdered.

Clearly the trailer is trying to get across that the movie is designed to poke fun at horror films. It’s a meta-film, essentially. But there is a fine line between over-the-top and appropriate, and if this trailer is an indication of what this movie has to offer, it definitely belongs in the over-the-top category. I mean, I wouldn’t even be surprised if Stephen King was the killer.

Will I still see it? Of course.

Why? I want to see if I’m right, that Stephen King is the killer. And if he is, does he die?



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  1. Nah, I don’t think it’s Stephen King; he’s pretty physically messed up ever since he got hit by that car years ago. (No, it couldn’t have been faked; too much medical documentation.) But it might be somebody who thinks he’s Stephen King. Or maybe it’s that nutcase who used to call KGO (San Francisco talk radio station) on a regular basis with the elaborate conspiracy theory about Stephen King working with covert government agencies to murder John Lennon.

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