Evil Dead Remake: More Horror Than Humor?

Not every horror film is designed to make you cringe beneath a shower of blood and gore. Some simply want to make you laugh, while showering you with blood and gore. The Evil Dead series, the inspiration for so many Halloween props, is a perfect example of a horror comedy done right, and now the original Evil Dead is scheduled to see a remake.

Thats right Sam Raimis original Evil Dead film is set to see a remake well, actually, the movie officials are calling it a reimagining, not a remake.

Whats the difference?

A remake would mean an exact copy of the original film, just updated for modern audiences. But a reimagining means the directors / writers can alter the original story. In this case, the Evil Dead reimagining will have no Ash no Bruce Campbell. (A recent release of news states that Bruce Campbell will have a small cameo, not a major role, at the end of the film.)

evil dead remake
We’ll miss your crazy face, Ash.

Here’s the current cast of characters set for the reimagining:

David (Ash’s replacement) Hero, sibling to Mia, married to hot chick.

Mia David’s sister, fighting a drug addiction, suffers from death of her and David’s mother.

Eric David’s friend, cocky.

Plot synopsis: The characters travel to the infamous cabin in the woods from the original Evil Dead, when a storm forces them indoors. Eric finds the Necronomicon and convinces the others to read passages from it. Mia begins to go nuts. The other characters assume its just her suffering from drug withdrawals. But then something moves outside the cabin.

evil dead remake2
The original cabin of death.

Director Federico Alvarez claims the film will focus more on the horror of the original Evil Dead, straying far away from the comedy of Army of Darkness and Evil Dead II. Part of this stray can be seen with the replacement of Ashs character. If fans of the original Evil Dead saw an Ash character, they might expect the humorous Ash they fell in love with from Army of Darkness. This new hero, David, allows for a focus on the horror. We’ll have to wait and see how this choice turns out.

The release date of the Evil Dead reimagining is scheduled for April 12, 2013.



7 thoughts on “Evil Dead Remake: More Horror Than Humor?”

  1. Just like any other remake, reimagining, or whatever you want to call it – the original is ALWAYS better. I for one will not pay to see it.

  2. “Evil Dead… is a perfect example of a horror comedy done right” – Really? Have you SEEN the original Evil Dead? It’s not funny and doesn’t try to be. The humor started in Evil Dead II

  3. @Landstalker I don’t know, the original Evil Dead certainly has a quirky sense to it’s horror. I’d go as far as saying the first had elements of dark comedy on purpose. It’s that slight quirk/humor that really led to it going over the top in the sequel.

  4. its fucking stupid to try to perfect some thing that is all ready good if sam directed and is wrighting this its the worst mistake in his career your going to fuck up this ocult classic

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