The Most Grotesque Prop of the Year: Casey’s Baby!

If you want a chance to win this Casey’s Baby prop, click on the picture, and then click on the “Enter Now” button on the Facebook page! It’s so easy, you’d think you’re getting away with murder.



14 thoughts on “The Most Grotesque Prop of the Year: Casey’s Baby!”

  1. Adorable little thing!
    I LOVE “ghoul babies” and have several in my yard haunt. This cutie would be the perfect addition to my dead nursery.

  2. It’s amazing to see so many demented, sick people in one spot. Take your meds, grow the fuck up, and stop thinking “I’m soooo cool for thinking this is cool, and I love shocking people!!!1!!11”. Clearly, you’re all diluted.

    P.S.- John, if she is all you live for, I feel bad for you. There’s probably someone out there that you could actually have a HEALTHY relationship with. Crawl out of your parent’s basement and live a normal life.

    Yet again, if baby murderers are what you lust for, maybe it’s best you stay out of society.

  3. I’d like to send one to George and Cindy…..and the baby killer who is living her Bella Vita in hiding.

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