Deliberately Poisoned Halloween Candy: Fact or Fiction?

Cyanide-laced chocolate chews. Bubblegum dipped in gasoline. Halloween is full of dangerous possibilities for ingesting toxic, poisonous, fatal substances, slipped into candy by malicious, evil individuals that want your children to die.

poisoned Halloween candy
Apple: Now with razor blade filling!

But wait!

For so many individuals to be terrified about poisoned Halloween candy there would have to be numerous cases of such an event, right? Maybe a friend, or a friend of a friend, knows someone that knew someone that had a neighbor that was killed by rat poison mixed with their cotton candy. That would make sense, because then the person had a direct, or indirect, connection to the incident.

But here’s the truth: Other than one event, which is discussed at the end of the article, there have been no recorded incidents of deliberately poisoned candy during Halloween or any similar occasion.

The key word is deliberately. There have been incidents of foreign objects accidentally getting into candy, or people handing out inedible objects, such as gimmick Halloween props that look like candy.

deliberately poisoned Halloween candy
Pain is deliciousness leaving the body.

The potential origins of the deliberately poisoned Halloween candy myth:

In 1964, a housewife gave out inedible objects to children whom she believed were too old to be trick-or-treating. The objects were steel wool, ant buttons, dog biscuits, and so forth. All of the objects were clearly labeled as poison, not for human consumption. No children were injured, but the woman went to court and pleaded guilty to endangering children.

In 1970, a 5-year-old boy found and ate his uncle’s heroin. The boy died after a four day coma. To protect the uncle, the family claimed the heroin had been sprinkled onto the childs Halloween candy.

In 2008, Pokemon Valentines Day lollipops were found to contain metal shavings and metal blades.

Joel Best, a University of Delaware sociologist, specializes in candy tampering legends. Best researched newspaper stories that detailed events of candy tampering, and Best found that nearly all of the stories were false or hoaxes created by the child.

deliberately poisoned candy
Which one of these things is not like the other?

This is the only case of deliberately poisoned Halloween candy:

In 1974, a father committed premeditated murder by lacing a package of Pixy Stix with cyanide, and then fed them to his 8-year-old son. The father wanted to collect life insurance money from his son’s death. That’s it – no malicious intent to plague the neighborhood with sudden deaths.

So, check the candy, make sure that its good, but don’t stress over it. Unless your uncle does heroin, your husband/father is a murderous psycho, or you’re eating some 2008 Pokemon lollipops, you should be fine.



4 thoughts on “Deliberately Poisoned Halloween Candy: Fact or Fiction?”

  1. I’ve Heard These Stories All Of My Life And ( I’m 48yrs. old )And Even More Urban Legends About Bad Halloween Candy. Most People Don’t Do These Things; Just A Small Number Of Wackos Do Something To Candy. While People May Want To Laugh It Off, It’s Always Best To Be Safe Than Stupid. You Wouldn’t Laugh It Off If ( God Forbid ) It Happens To Someone You Love. But For The Most Part Halloween Candy Is Safe To Eat. A Lot Of Hospitals Still Have Free x-raying Your Candy. But As For Waiting For The X-ray…Let’s Just Say You Better Bring A Book To Read. Have A Happy And Safe Time Folks!!!!

  2. Reading this made me laugh a little. I just now hit the age people frown upon when you go trick or treating and I’ll be at it this year too, but if parents are truly worried about it, why not just go buy some candy and when your kid comes home be like I’ll be right back I’m going to check your candy. And switch it out then. That way the kid still has the fun of roaming the streets and you know no candy will harm him.

  3. If your kid DOESN’T eat the cyanide laced apple with the exploding razor blade inside how will he/she ever learn?

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