Top 6 Funniest Halloween Prank Videos

Mischief and Halloween go together like summer and bikinis. This mischief is often created by bored children, specifically teenagers, but countless adults are also swept away with Halloween’s torrents of trouble. The fake blood, the Halloween decorations, and the costumes just make it too easy to play pranks on people. And we are more than happy to observe the outcome.

So buckle up and sit back – let’s get this roller coaster started.

#6 – Epic Halloween Prank:

Some say this video’s fake. Sure, it might be, but it’s still hilarious.

#5 – Math Teacher:

Prank is putting this video heavily. No one was injured, and no one was shocked or appalled. If anything, these students just realized that their teacher is a total badass.

#4 – Trick or Treat with Timmy:

This video taught me that the older someone is, the longer it takes them to realize its a prank. The best reaction is the party debating who should touch the prop. Joe, you’re the biggest guy here, so you have to touch him.

#3 – Japanese Show:

I don’t understand what’s going on here, nor do I understand why everyone looks so nauseous. But damn it, its hilarious.

#2 – Halloween Punch:

Kid gets wrecked. Nuff said.

#1 – Motorcycle Skeleton:

The motorcycle-riding skeleton sets the prank up, but that screaming mans voice brings it home.



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