Top 4 Tips for Spooking Out Halloween Props

Top 4 Tips for Spooking Out Halloween Props

Imagine stumbling across a lawn littered with random Halloween props. There are clowns in the bushes. There’s a werewolf hanging from a tree. There are pumpkins on the roof of the house. You may stop, stare, and say, Yup, those are Halloween props, then continue walking.

Now, let’s say you were walking along and stumbled across a lawn covered in fog. The sight of the rolling fog takes you by surprise. There’s no fog anywhere else, you say. I wonder where it’s coming from. Then you walk closer, trying to find the origin of the fog. That’s when you hear music playing softly somewhere closer to the house. You stumble over a bunch of bones sticking out of the ground. A silhouette of a hanging corpse is in the window of the house. Lights flicker on the porch. Your heart pounds, and your head tells you to turn around run away, back to the street.

That’s how you use Halloween props. Fear stems from ambiance, not from cluttered Halloween props. And we’re here to help give you the top 5 tips for spooking out your Halloween prop. By the end you will have some tools to take scenario one and turn it into scenario two.

Smoke Machines: The fog in the second scenario was generated by smoke machines. While the use of a smoke machine may seem intimidating, they are very easy to use and very easy to maintain. Smoke machines come in varying sizes and wattage, with each machine producing different smoke results. Some blanket the ground with a thin sheet of fog, while others create rolling, puffy cloud coverage. Research your smoke machines before you finalize any purchase.

fog machine

Cobweb Effects: There is so much potential hidden within cobweb effects. Sure, you could stretch them out, stick them to a corner of your room, and leave them. But that’s rather simple and boring. Instead, place a red light behind the cobweb, thus giving the white web a blood-red hue. Even better, put the cobwebs in a pitch-black area, then place a flickering light behind them. The random pattern will surely spook out some people.

cobweb effects

Lights: Visual stimulation plays a vital role in creeping out your victims. Walking into a bright room is much different than walking into a darkened room, especially if there are shadows dancing on the wall. Utilize lights to create an intense image of insanity. Flickering lights work really well, but you are the only one who can determine which works the best.

halloween lights

Lawn Decorations: If you do not mind tearing up your lawn a bit, you can definitely heighten the Halloween experience with some torn earth. Bury some of your Halloween props in dirt, giving them an image of breaking out of a grave. Turn a section of your lawn into a graveyard. The smoke machine will definitely help give it some spook ambiance. Grass grows back, but Halloween only comes once per year.

outdoor halloween props



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