Top 4 Places to Put Halloween Decorations

Top 4 Places to Put Halloween Decorations

Even if you bought the best, most expensive, most detailed of Halloween decorations, poor placement can ruin their spooky potential. You cannot simply stick a corpse in a tree and call it scary, nor can you scatter bones about your living room and assume its creepy. It takes proper planning, diligently placing each of your Halloween decorations so as to create a complex web of sights, sounds, and ambiance.

If you want to create an exciting, memorable Halloween experience, here’s the locations to make it happen:

Kitchen: The morbid potential of your kitchen is nearly limitless. Normally, you want your cutlery, cooking area, and food to be sterile acceptable for consumption. Instead, turn that notion upside down through the use of Halloween decorations. Dump blood in the sink. Scatter organs and fingers and other fleshy bits across the cooking area. Purchase synthetic food that looks rotten, moldy. All of this imagery will overload your guests, hopefully causing stomachs to turn, kick, and lurch.

creepy kitchenware

Lawn: Unless you’re throwing a party or running a haunted house, your lawn is going to be the most viewed area. No matter the size of your lawn, all of that grass- or stone-covered earth holds great potential for your Halloween decorations. If you care to dig up your lawn a bit, half-bury some bones or zombie props. Turn your lawn into a thriving graveyard of undead monstrosities. To complete the ambiance, purchase a smoke machine and Gothic fencing.

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Porch: While still within the vicinity of your lawn, the porch is quite a different decorative demon to tackle. It gives you the outdoor atmosphere, without the outdoor earth. From hanging out candy to welcoming guests, countless individuals will be venturing up to your porch. Use this predetermine pathway to guide your guests into a spooky ensemble of Halloween decorations. Create a path of flickering lights. Welcome your guests with an animatronic prop. Just keep people coming forward, then hit them with the scariest prop when they have reached the actual porch.

halloween lights

Living Room: As the room that most individuals will be walking through or hanging out in, the living room must be carefully decorated. You do not want to clutter the room with large, obscure props, which get in the way of moving and socializing. However, you also want props that break the ice between strangers something for people to talk about. Decorate the walls, then focus on a central piece within the room. Purchase a large, detailed central piece and you will be all set.

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