Craziest Mens Halloween Costumes of 2011

Craziest Mens Halloween Costumes of 2011

One of the core benefits of mens Halloween costumes is the freedom of looking stupid on Halloween. Women have to look good, often bordering on the line of skanky and whorish, but men can dress as crazy or idiotic as they please. You want to look like a toilet drinking from a can of beans? Go ahead! You want to be an overweight samurai? Great! If you are one of the hardcore men searching for a stupid costume, these are the craziest mens Halloween costumes that we have to offer.

Weed Man: Kicking off the craziest mens Halloween costumes of 2011 is Weed Man, a superhero prone to oversleeping and consuming an excessive amount of Jack in the Box egg rolls. Always armed with his stereotypical slang of Dude and Man, Weed Man excels at getting lost in conversations and understanding the difference between oregano and other herbal substances. Plus, the felt and velvet costume materials are perfect for cooling out and listening to music.

mens costumes weed

Beaver Hunter: Next up is the Beaver Hunter, a man whose mind is more in the gutter than the forest. Equipped with a camouflage jumpsuit, orange vest, and orange hat, this man is dressed to impress, yessir. And as we all know, beavers are highly attracted to bright colors, specifically annoying-orange, which is why this hunting costume is perfect for bagging your own vivacious beaver, totally.

mens costumes beaver

Good in the Sack: As the name tag says, you will be taking the place of Good this Halloween, accompanied by his trusty sack. Stumble and bumble your way around a party, searching for that one person who actually understands the joke. I don’t get it, they will say. But you can smile wide, knowing that they’re just a little too dim to appreciate such artistic humor. I’m Good, you’ll say. Good in the sack!

mens costumes sack

Mammogram Man: I’m not going to dwell too long on this costume, simply because it has no reason to be dwelled upon. The costume includes a white lab coat, comical name tag, and three dimensional headpiece, with what appears to be a cutout in the shape of breasts. Because, you know, that’s what Mammogram Man does encourages women to stick their breasts in his face. I guess that’s the joke. I don’t really know. Let’s move on!

mens costumes mammogram

Speed Limit: Become the epitome of an upstanding citizen with this Speed Limit costume. While your friends are all revved up, energized from the partying, you can be the responsible individual, reminding them to slow down. Hey, this is a 69-mile-an-hour speed zone, mister! That’s when the ladies are sure to flock over to your inviting speed limit sign. Oh, you’re so responsible, Speed Limit, they’ll say. If only there was some kind of sexual innuendo in your costume to encourage me to make irresponsible, spontaneous decisions. Too bad, indeed, I guess Beaver Hunter will have to take care of the ladies.

mens costumes speed limit



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