Fashionable Mens Halloween Costumes

Fashionable Mens Halloween Costumes

As a man, you do not have the ease of costume shopping quite like the opposite gender. While womens costumes focus on skanky or scandalous styles, mens Halloween costumes are thrown under the bus, often known only for their humorous, silly tendencies. We want to help do away with this constant lack of focus on mens Halloween costumes. If you are a man who wants a fashionable Halloween experience, these are the mens Halloween costumes to make it happen.

Gangster Suit: Beckoning the smooth style of the 20s and 30s, this Gangster Suit features a double-breasted coat design and elastic waist pants. The pants and jacket is a brown pin-striped polyester blend. Hat, shirt, tie, and gun are not included in the purchase. If you want to sweep into a party with the style of a Casanova, this is the costume to make it happen.

mens costumes gangster

Highway Patrol Officer: Utilizing the professional appeal of a man in uniform, this Highway Patrol Officer gives you a near-authentic representation of sexual power. The uniform includes jacket, pants, and boot tops, but does not include shoes, glasses, shirt, and handcuffs. Combine the Highway Patrol Officer outfit with your own taste for fashion and you can easily enjoy a fashionable evening of patrolling parties.

mens costumes highway

Gambling Man: The Wild West was full of the manliest men every to walk upon the Earth, and now this Gambling Man outfit gives you the fashionable ability of recreating those historical, wild times. The outfit includes a vest, dickie, hat, garter, and pin, and does not include pants, toy cigar, shoes, or playing cards. Let loose your wild side of gambling and playing cards, then enjoy a fun time this Halloween.

mens costumes gambling

Saturday Night Fever: Party and dance away the night with the true passion of a fashionable monster with this Saturday Night Fever outfit. Included with the purchase is a shirt with attached white imprinted vest, black butterfly collar with sleeves, white flared pants, and white fitted jacket. As an Officially Licensed costume, the costume comes straight out of the movies and into your life.

mens costumes saturday

Southern Gentleman: Appreciate the air of living like a Southern Gentleman with this intense Halloween costume. Not all cowboys were gentlemen, but now you can live like one. The costume includes a long coat, vest with attached shirt sleeves and chain, dickie with attached tie, and hat.

mens costumes gentleman



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