5 Adult Costumes So Lame That They Are Amazing

5 Adult Costumes So Lame, They’re Amazing

The stress of Halloween hits everyone, young or old, male or female, and no one wants to be the one wearing that costume, you know, the lame adult costumes. Everyone wants to be dressed in a costume built to soak up attention, where eyes stick to your body tighter than your costume. Unfortunately, someone has to be at the bottom of the totem pole. Rather than dread the bottom, embrace it, with a costume so lame, so absolutely corny, that it actually crosses the lame spectrum and returns on the amazing side.

Christmas Tree with Shoe Boxes: Storm into any Halloween party in these Christmas Tree adult costumes and people are sure to say, What the hell? Sure, it’s Halloween. Sure, you’re dressed like a Christmas tree. But here’s the real kicker: you wear shoe boxes and a green foam tree jumpsuit. Go ahead and try to walk through any hallway, without constantly bumping into people. Oh, the attention you can grab with this beastly costume…

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Parade Rock N Roller: Hair slicked back, shades on, suit as spotless as a cloud, you’re about to enter a world of utter rock and roll. Oh, wait, no, you’re actually about to enter the corniest representation of the King since Vegas introduced amateur night for King impersonators. This costume combines the stereotypical King image with what appears to be a nuclear radiated abomination, whose head is nearly as large as the body. If you desire an obnoxious presence and a desire to make people laugh, this is among the best of our lamest adult costumes.

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Mushroom: Sure, you’re dressed as a mushroom, certainly not a similarly looking phallic object. I mean, everyone understands that you would be a mushroom and not a slightly flaccid representation of your hidden appreciation for adolescent humor. Imagine wobbling your way through Halloween, constantly informing people, No, I’m a mushroom a mushroom!

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Gingerbread Man: Seeing a trend here? Christmas adult costumes make some of the corniest, most absurd costumes one can wear, simply because Christmas is not a costume-heavy holiday. This one-piece foam Gingerbread Man costume will encapsulate you with the not-so-vibrant imagery of a brown cookie.

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Groovy Witch: There really isn’t much to say here. It’s a witch who never outgrew the raging ’70s, and now she’s attracting attention with her out-of-style yellow and black adult costumes. Watch out for the candy she passes out, I’ve read about those crazy days.

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