Sam Alexander: A Man of Many Faces

Born an average looking man, Sam Alexander was living proof of the phrase When it rains, it pours. Sometime during his 20s, Sam Alexander got a job at the Shubert Theater in Chicago. It was during his work at the Shubert Theater that he was involved in a massive gasoline explosion. He was able to shield his eyes and forehead from the rippling flames, yet the lower half of his face received intense burns, right down to the bone. These burns then festered and became infected over the next few weeks. In response, doctors removed nearly all of his lips, cheeks, and chin. This operation left Sam Alexander with a grimace like the Donnie Darko mask.

After thirteen months of recovering, Sam Alexander was referred to a man who made prosthetic masks for a living. The man measured Sam Alexander’s face and created a nearly lifelike prosthetic resemblance to the face Sam once knew and loved.

With his new face, Sam Alexander answered an advertisement for a Sideshow position. The owner of the show, Pete Kortes, was absolutely horrified by the sight of Alexander’s true face and hired him on the spot. From that moment on, Sam Alexander was known as The Man with Two Faces.

Follow along to see Sam Alexander unveil his face:

Sam Alexander
Alexander’s normal face.
Sam Alexander
Taking off the prosthetic mask.
Sam Alexander
Almost there…
Sam Alexander
The true face.



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