Throwing an Adult Costume Party

Throwing an Adult Costume Party

Halloween is slowly approaching and now it’s time to get your Halloween party planned. Obviously, you’re going to need some guests we’ll leave you to plan that out and you need a theme for your adult costume party something that ties the whole party together. Sure, you can go for the usual gore, horror, or spooky factors, but we want you to have an especially outstanding Halloween party, where gusts are talking about it for months later. That’s what we love, and that’s what we want to help you achieve.

Lighting: Your party needs to have an atmosphere, something that helps immerse people into your party environment. While props and decorations are perfect for visual immersion, lighting takes it one step further, creating shadows and shading. Similar to our costume selection, our lighting products vary according to your needs. Some lights flickers, some glow bright red, and some accent glow-in-the-dark items. Only you can determine which lighting works best for your adult party.

adult costume

Costume Theme: Some Halloween parties decide on a specific adult costume theme, such as zombie, werewolf, or vampire, and everyone dresses according to theme. First, this challenges your guests to be creative within the theme. Second, it takes away the stress of everyone needing a costume, because now they know what they should wear. Not everyone enjoys the pressure of creating a costume, and an adult costume theme takes away that stress.

adult costume

Food and Beverages: Your kitchen is full of potential themes. Rather than simply serve drinks, add some red food coloring to make it look like blood. The food can also be designed to imitate torn eyeballs, severed fingers, and so forth. If you decided on an adult costume theme, have the food and beverages follow that theme. Your whole party will be taken to a new level of exciting.

adult costume

Music: Midnight Syndicate is one of the largest Halloween sound effects and music makers, whose maniacal musics can help heighten your guests’ enjoyment. There are numerous CDs available, each specializing in a different area of creepy.

adult costume

With so many options available, you can easily customize your total Halloween party experience. Remember, you want your guests to have a great time, so they should always be at the forefront of your thoughts. From food to lighting, music to costume theme, everything is about your guests having fun.

Top 5 Mismatched Adult Costume Themes

Halloween is almost here and it’s time to bust out your spooky adult costume. What’s it going to be this year? Vampire? Zombie? Maybe you’ll go really crazy and dress as a werewolf, right?


Zombies, werewolves, vampires, ghosts, they’re boring, plain, lackluster. Sure, they’re traditional monsters and everyone loves them, but that’s the problem: everyone loves them. Halloween is about letting your morbid creativity run wild. Instead of following the norms of Halloween, read on and learn how mismatching themes can easily heighten your Halloween experience.

Vampire Smurfs:

Walk into a party as a Smurf and people may give you some odd looks, depending on your age group. You’re blue, you’re attracting a lot of attention, and you’re a cartoon character that has only recently seen a slight increase in popularity. But when everyone has already established that you are just another plain old Smurf, you flash your pearly fangs and show off your neck bites! You’re not just any plain Smurf, you’re Vampire Smurf, who smurfs the smurfingest smurfs that ever smurfed! Oh, I can smurf the screams already.

adult costume
“I’m here to smurf…”
adult costume
“…your blood!”








Undead Mascot:

Mascots are among the most annoying creations of mankind. They’re loud, they’re stupid, and they’re designed to attract attention. But what happens when a mascot dies, or, better yet, what happens when a mascot comes back from death? That’s right we’re talking about an undead mascot, a mascot beaten to death by rabid fans and brought back to life. Tear up your mascot costume, throw some blood on it, and turn that cute image into an abomination built for Hell. It’s not cheers you’re looking for this time – it’s revenge.

adult costume
These things are so stupid.
fake blood
But with a little blood, they’re terrifying.








The Gaga Werewolf:

When the moon is full and the land is covered in darkness, the electronic funk of Lady Gaga fills the air with a deep chill, howling through streets and alleyways with a desire to just dance. Explode onto the party scene with the ferocity of a wolf, the intensity of the Gaga, and the paparazzi are sure to follow. Teeth bared, standing on the edge of glory, the horrific combination of werewolf and Gaga is so exotic, so unique, that the Mama Monster herself would be proud to steal your idea and call it her own.

adult costume
It’s not her talent that made her famous.
adult costume
She was born this way.








Frankenstein’s Monster, MD:

Frankenstein’s Monster sick of being told he too dumb to learn, sick of being told he too ugly to doctor. Frankenstein’s Monster going to be better doctor than Frankenstein. Best doctor in world! Go back to college, collect large student debt, become best doctor, develop drinking problem, cure world of ailments! Frankenstein’s Monster doctors where he pleases. Bloody scrubs? Frankenstein’s Monster do not care about cross contamination. Rusty tools? Do not care! Frankenstein’s Monster doctors where he pleases!

adult costume
Safety procedures?
adult costume
Doctors where he pleases!








A Wizard Dressing as a Muggle:

Sure, everyone wants to be Harry Potter or Hermione, but what about the wizards who just want to fit in with the muggles? After living with wizards for so long, you forget how to be an average human, and you lose all sense of fashion. Do ties go around the neck, or around the waist? Are mismatching shoes and socks correct? How many shirts do muggles wear? These are the questions that plague wizards daily, and now they’re the questions that can make your adult costume amazing.

adult costume
Combine this shirt…
adult costume
…with these flaming awesome pants!

Finding the Perfect Womens Adult Costume

Finding the Perfect Womens Adult Costume

Halloween is a holiday that seems to jump out of nowhere one minute you’re enjoying the summer, then bam! – you’re panicking for an adult costume. Instead of worrying and stressing, we are here to help transition you into the Halloween festivity, both mentally and with a proper costume. Whether you want something seductive or simple, we have the perfect adult Halloween costume for you. Now let’s get into the good stuff:

First, let’s think about what you want to get out of your Halloween costume. As an adult woman, you have numerous options ahead of you: sex appeal, figure complement, fashion style, personality representation, and so forth. These are the determining factors for finding your ideal adult Halloween costume. Obviously, you want a costume that accents your personality, but you also want one that accents your physical presence.

adult costume

Finding the perfect adult Halloween costume needs to leave you with a boost of confidence. Whether that confidence stems from your outward appearance, or from an internal source of comfort, is up to you, but our large selection allows you to find the ideal match. Carefully balance out your appreciation for physical comfort with the appreciation you get from looking in the mirror.

adult costume

Sometimes the image you desire is more a fantastical representation of your personality than an outward cry for attention. For these cases we point you toward our fairytale Halloween costume collection, where you can find all of the accessories to escape into a world of whimsical fun.

adult costume

The essential question you must answer is this: what do you love? If it is a partner, find an adult Halloween costume pair that will complement both of you. If it is your beauty, find a costume that heightens the way you look and feel. If it is a specific story, we have that covered, too. Show off your internal passion through the external means of an adult Halloween costume and you are sure to have a great time.

adult costume

How to Win a Workplace Adult Costume Contest

How to Win a Workplace Adult Costume Contest

The air carries a slight winter chill, lawns are adorn with bloody body parts, and Halloween is only right around the corner, which means workplace adult costume contests are bound to occur. Some individuals find the workplace costume contest to be a stressful, anxiety-ridden event, where you never know what you should or should not dress ass, but take a deep breath, relax, and read on:

As Halloween professionals, we have loads of information to help ensure that you don’t get up in front of your coworkers, the people you see some 40 hours per week, and make a complete fool of yourself, possibly losing that promotion you’ve been craving for years. But enough talking, let’s get on with the good stuff.


  • Before you even think about your adult costume, find out the details for the contest. What are the judges looking for? What are the categories? Will the audience help determine the winners?
  • Plan a budget. Don’t go overboard and buy the most expensive costume, because the cost of a costume does not guarantee you a win in the contest.
  • Find out where the contest will be held. If the contest is held outside of the workplace, like at a bar or a party venue, your costume can be more outrageous and sexy.

adult costume

Costume Time:

  • Know your strengths. If you want to flaunt your beauty, get a costume that works toward that angle. Of course, if you’re good with tools, building your own costume can give it true personality.
  • Brainstorm. Do you want a themed costume, such as a superhero or television character? Do you want an abstract or gory costume? Once you have the theme decided, continue to narrow down the search.
  • An appropriate workplace costume is truly what you want, because the last thing you want to do is offend a boss. Think about your workplace environment, the people you work with, then choose something that would fit in with the atmosphere.

adult costume

The Contest:

  • If the audience has a say in who wins the contest, use this to your advantage. Get the crowd hyped up, talk to them, encourage them to cheer you on.
  • Get into character and stay there. Be original, creative, humorous, or whatever else you have to do to attract positive attention. You want the judges and the audience to pay attention to you.
  • Put on a show, be confident, and have fun. A workplace costume contest is a great way to hang out with friends and impress bosses. If you look like you’re having a great time, people will notice.

Dipygus: Multi-Legged Humans and Animals

In a world where plagues and tsunamis have wiped away whole civilizations, I find it no surprise to learn of a birth deformation known as dipygus. Essentially, dipygus is a congenital deformity where the body splits left-and-right partway along the torso, forming a duplicated pelvis and pair of legs. If you are having trouble forming an image of what this split may look like, here is Myrtle Corbin, a woman who lived with dipygus:

Myrtle Corbin

Born in 1868, Myrtle lived for forty years with this birth deformation. During those forty years she had five children. (She had two sets of reproductive organs, and gave birth to some children from one set and the other children from the other set.) Each inner leg was paired with the respective outer leg, so they moved in unison. But her inner legs were too weak to walk on their own. She was married at the age of 19.

Dipygus is not a strictly human condition, however, as we see in the following image:

Copyright from Associated Press.

Yup, that is a six-legged deer, with two separate pelvises, and two tails. The deer was found in 2008, when it was discovered after being attacked by two dogs in Everett Springs, Georgia. The veterinarians that tended to the deer’s wounds said, Somehow it has a fairly normal gait, although the center legs seem to get in the way. But this deer is not an isolated incident in the animal kingdom.


Once you get past the adorableness of the previous photo, please note: that is a six-legged puppy. The puppy was found outside the Kwang Sung Temple in Pandarmaran, in 2005. The caretaker of the temple claimed that the dog was of good fortune, thus named the puppy Ong Fatt, or Lucky One. The temple committee then obtained a permit to raise the puppy as part of the temple, which is where Ong Fatt has been ever since his discovery.

While we do not have Halloween costumes that can recreate the wonder of dipygus, I will leave you with a picture of a pig with dipygus at the Ukrainian National Chernobyl Museum in Kiev:


Star Wars Kids Costumes

Star Wars Kids Costumes

Let’s take a minute to appreciate the wonder of the Star Wars saga, because Halloween is coming up and countless kids are craving the costumes of their favorite characters. If you are the proud owner of a child who loves these timeless science fiction movies, we have the Star Wars kids costumes to show off that love. From the original movies to the prequels, including the televised animated series, we have the kids costume to bring the Star Wars universe crashing into your Halloween holiday.

Luke Skywalker: As the original hero of the Star Wars saga, Luke Skywalker brought peace to the universe and balance to the Force. This Officially Licensed kids costume gives your child the authentic clothing of Luke Skywalker, allowing them to revel in the joy of being the Good Guy. Costume includes tunic, pants, boot tops, and belt, but it does not include the lightsaber.

luke skywalker kids costumes

X-Wing Fighter Pilot: Continuing along the theme of the original movies, this X-Wing Fight Pilot kids costume gives your child everything he needs to be a starship pilot, other than the X-Wing. The costume includes jumpsuit, helmet, tunic, and chestbox, but it does not include shoes. While others go for the new-age Star Wars kids costumes, this X-Wing Fighter Pilot is a throwback to the origins.

x-wing fighter kids costumes

Animated Obi Wan Kenobi Costume: The animated Star Wars cartoon is among the most watched shows on television, and now your child can enjoy this Officially Licensed Obi Wan Kenobi costume. Among the animated Star Wars kids costumes, none can match the intensity of Obi Wan Kenobi. Costume includes tunic with armor, pants with attached boot tops, mask, and belt. Does not include lightsaber.

obi wan kenobi kids costumes

C-3PO Infant Costume: While we stock a large amount of Star Wars kids costumes, we also have plenty of Star Wars infant costumes, such as this C-3PO infant costume. The costume includes romper and headpiece, which help to keep your infant comfortable and warm. The costume does not include socks. If you want to accent your Star Wars costume, bring along your trusty C-3PO for the adventure.

C-3PO kids costumes

Clone Wars Commander Fox Costume: Out of all the clones to fight in the Clone Wars, Commander Fox was among the greatest, and now his image is captured among out Star Wars kids costumes. The costume includes jumpsuit, boot covers, and mask, and it does not include shoes and gun. This is an Officially Licensed Star Wars kids costume.

commander fox kids costumes

Baby Shower Party Supplies

Baby shower party supplies

Bringing Home the Love with Baby Shower Party Supplies!

Our baby shower party supplies show that mother-to-be the love she deserves.

Expecting a child can be a stressful, exciting time for everyone involved, especially for the expecting mother. Throwing a baby shower party lets the mother know that she has friends who care for her and are excited to see her newborn child. With our baby shower party supplies, you can properly show that special someone in your life that you are just as excited as they are about the birth of new life. Whether you are a friend, the husband, or a parent, we have the supplies to make sure your baby shower party is one to remember.

From baby shower favors to baby shower tableware, we have everything you need to get your baby shower started. We are specialists in providing you with the necessities you need to realize and actualize your dream party. If you have been searching for discount baby shower party supplies, we have them here for you. Invitations, decorations, and baby shower themes are right here. From start to finish, we have you covered.

  • Reliable delivery.
  • Discount supplies for your baby shower party.
  • A wide selection of varying products.
  • Favors, invitations, decorations, themes, tableware, games, and supplies.
  • An online store that will take your order any time of the day.

If someone you know is expecting a child, you need to start planning out their baby shower now. That person needs your love, support, and affection, because there is nothing more difficult than bringing another human being into this world. A baby shower party supplies the mother-to-be with a brief escape from the worries, stresses, and anxieties of motherhood. Instead, she becomes enthralled with the love of her friends and family. With the right supplies, your baby shower party will let her know just how much you care.

Birthday Party Supplies

Finding Joy with Birthday Party Supplies!

Your birthday party supplies can make or break a party.

Kids can be very judgmental, especially when it comes to birthday party supplies. The wrong decorations will land the birthday boy or girl in a heap of misguided ridicule from the other children. This turns the birthday party into a disaster. To help you avoid the sudden onset of an angry crowd of children, we have compiled a selection of birthday party supplies large enough to fit anyone’s tastes.

  • Keep it simple, keep it fun.
  • Utilize the birthday party supplies to transport the guests into a realm of fantasy.
  • When combined correctly, colors entice and hypnotize.
  • Decide on a theme and stick to it.
  • Balloons, tableware, and other decorations help accent the theme.


People of all ages tend to love attention on their birthday. Throwing a party is a great way to get your friends together to celebrate that that someone’s day of birth. You are shouting out to the world that you enjoy the company of this other living, breathing human being. If that isn’t a reason to celebrate and party, I honestly don’t know what is anymore. Whether it is a friend, family member, neighbor, or coworker, you should be proud to call that individual a fellow traveler of this world.

Birthday party supplies are a simplified way to engage in the art of celebration. They give you the tools you need to decorate and authenticate the party. Our large selection of birthday party supplies gives you the chance to customize the party to whatever needs you have. If you want to keep the party simple, we have some simply simple birthday party supplies. If you want to make it complex, we have plenty of perplexing party decorations.

If you are the host of the party, remember to purchase birthday party supplies for the birthday person. Black and yellow may be your favorite colors, but the birthday person should always come first. Our birthday party supplies are durable, long-lasting, and designed specifically to meet your demands.

Discount Party Supplies

Discount party supplies

Discount Party Supplies: Save Your Wallet, Save The Party!

With our discount party supplies, throwing a party does not have to be a drag.

Lets face it: everyone loves to save money. Its a natural fact of being alive. The more money you keep in your pocket, the more money you have to enjoy life. This is exactly why we offer the best discount party supplies available. Rather than spend loads of money on expensive party decorations, we offer you a simpler, easier option.

  • Save time, save money, save yourself the headaches.
  • We offer a discount on bulk party supplies, so you get more for less.
  • Our wholesale party supplies put quality ahead of quantity, and with the amount of party supplies that we offer, you know its good.
  • From wedding to baby shower, we have the supplies you need.


Listen: a party gives you a brief break from the realities of life, no stresses, no worries, and no anxieties. It is about getting together with your friends and enjoying each others company. You do not want expensive party supplies looming over your head the whole night. Rather than partying and having a great time, you’ll be sourly thinking, I wish I bought discount party supplies.

Money is one of the main stressors of life. This is a fact that everyone has been sure to feel one time or another. But the last place you want to feel it is at a party. People talk to you and you seem tense. You laugh and its fake. Do not let this happen to you and your parties. Purchasing party supplies at a discount price is like finding a twenty dollar bill in an old pair of jeans. It just makes your whole day better.

Next time you go to throw a party, come to us for your party supplies. We are the party specialists, and we know what it means to save money. Our discount party supplies are designed with you in mind, from start to finish.

Halloween Party Ideas

Luau party supplies

Staying Cool with Our Luau Party Supplies! No matter the weather, our luau party supplies bring the heat.

Send off your winter worries with a luau party. By a pool or by the beach, a luau party is a great way to blow off some steam with your friends. Grab some traditional luau recipes, think up some luau party games, and then score some super cheap discount luau party supplies from us. We got your luau decorations covered; its your job to party.

  • Hold a traditional Hawaiian luau or simply go for a beach party. Either way, our supplies will have you covered.
  • Partying in the sun can be great for your skin.
  • Get outside, get some fresh air, and brush off your winter woes.
  • When the night comes, start a bonfire.
  • From start to finish, our luau decorations will have you smiling the whole time.


A luau is about celebrating life, love, friends, and family, all while enjoying the outdoors and nature. Incorporating the sun, the wind, and the environment into your party simply takes it to a whole new height. Our luau party supplies help to compliment your natural surroundings. You can hang out with the breeze blowing through your hair and the sun shining on your face, while our luau party supplies let you live out your beachside fantasies.

There is nothing better than hanging out by the pool with your friends. Regardless of age, its a classic way to relax and simply enjoy life. Even if you have no pool or beach, a luau lets you live up the Hawaiian lifestyle for a bit. Our luau supplies come at a discount price, too, so there is no worry about money or finances. All you have to do is enjoy the good life.