Pumpkinrot: Combining Art, Pumpkins, and Horror

There comes a time when Halloween is no longer about collecting candy, traveling the streets, and enjoying a time with your friends. Instead, the inevitable bitterness of age comes into play, and social standards claim that you are too old for trick-or-treating. You become the one that passes out candy, watching the children come and leave with smiles. Some may view this as a negative transformation, because they have been forced to pass the baton onto the younger generation. But there are others, such as Pumpkinrot, who view this transformation as an opportunity to revel in the creativity and horror of Halloween.


Pumpkinrot is a site that focuses on showing off the anonymous creator’s love for Halloween decorations. While the creator of Pumpkinrot is not explicitly stated, the creative products that have come from this individual’s mind are far from unknown. In fact, Pumpkinrot.com has recorded photographs dated as far back as before 2001.


As explained on Pumpkinrot.com, every creation is designed to enhance the Halloween experience for individuals that are out trick-or-treating. The creator calls it a set, which is a simple or elaborate Halloween display created by some Halloween-loving homeowner. Just because age and social standards has pushed away Pumpkinrot’s ability to enjoy the trick-or-treating aspect of Halloween does not mean that he cannot heighten the experience for others. This is a tradition that more homeowners should adapt.

Here are some of the more horrifying creations concocted from Pumpkinrot’s morbid mind:






4 thoughts on “Pumpkinrot: Combining Art, Pumpkins, and Horror”

  1. I am a HUGE Halloween fanatic. I can’t tell you how many thousands of dollars I spent first on buying props and secondly on building them. I have WAY more fun as an adult setting up a scary house for kids than I ever did as a kid. I’ve never been a huge candy fan so I didn’t really care when I got to be too old.

    One year when I was like 10 one of our neighbors set up a few rinky dink Halloween decorations (this would have been like…. 1995) and I was SO THRILLED and wished that everyone would decorate their house. I developed a display impressive enough that word got out to other neighborhoods and kids would come over and/or parents would drive them past the house. It was a real bummer when we moved out.

  2. I LOVE Halloween! I always want to decorate the house to be something that you don’t see much around the neighborhood, problem is I rent and the yard isn’t big and makes it difficult to decorate especially with a hill in the front and hard ground to plant grave stones. This year I’m planning ahead to make it more enjoyable! I agree that everyone should make a set design for Trick-or-treater’s and give ’em a good scare šŸ˜€

  3. I’ve been following Pumpkinrot for some time know and his mache work is top notch all the way. Wish we lived closer so I could see it in person and enjoy his handy work. I am a big HALLOWEEN fanatic myself. This will be our 7th year total doing some sort of haunt. This year we have a full on Haunted House / Home Haunt walk-through for all to enjoy. Really though it’s more for me so I can scare the Bleeeeeep out of everybody! Lol! We will have the best actors in Sacramento, CA and animatronics for an added scare factor. I can’t wait! Check us out at http://www.forestoflostsouls.com and like us. It’s all for a great cause! Scare You Later!

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