Zombie Art

Are you getting sick of the zombie genre yet? I hope not, because Zombie Appreciation Month still has four more days left. Today, we are looking at how the zombie infection has spread into the artistic world, causing our modern art to look more post-apocalyptic and ghoulish. Love it or hate it, here’s some zombie art:

So you’ve barricaded the doors, boarded up the windows, and told your family how much you love them, yet the zombies continue to push against your external defenses. Some might give up and tell the world to go screw itself. Others might stand and fight. For those that hope to one day defend their families from a zombie horde, while currently maintaining a positive sense of interior design, I present the Woodsman Axe Coffee Table:

zombie art

The Oak table is perfect for boarding up a doorway, while the axes can quickly turn your family into a killing machine. Be sure not to trip and fall anywhere near this thing though. It may be ideal for holding your coffee, but it’s also ideal for maiming an arm or two.

Next we have “The Flight of the Zombicorn – a piece that combines undeath, unicorns, rainbows, and gore. It’s every little girl’s nightmare!

According to the artist’s website, he worked on one rainbow color per day, due to drying and taping restrictions. This delayed process helped to lend toward the straightness of the lines. If I had some money to blow on a piece of art, I would love to have this puppy hanging on a wall in my apartment. Unfortunately, the painting has already been claimed by some other zombie connoisseur.

Rather than create an original piece of art, some individuals enjoy altering preexisting paintings. Basically, these individuals scour thrift stores for really, really cheap pieces of art. They buy it up, take it home, and make modifications. Some add krakens, some take away buildings, but others add zombies to old Victorian landscapes:

zombie art

The artist of this piece sold it for $75, plus $25 for shipping. Honestly, if I was even a halfway decent artist, I would do the same thing. Keep them, sell them as Halloween props, whatever, just imagine the money to be made!



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