Twilight: Popularizing Baby Names

Whether you love it or hate it, Twilight has infiltrated our society, and it seems to show no signs of stopping. To give you an example of how much this fictional story has affected our world, lets look at the Social Security Administrations list of newborn baby names for 2009.

The most popular boys name is currently Jacob, but that may have little to do with the popularity of the Twilight series. Since 1999, Jacob has held the #1 spot for male baby names. Out of 4.1 million babies born in 2009, 21,000 were named Jacob. Those poor kids are in for a world of lycanthropic humiliation.

As for the female protagonist in Twilight, Bella, the name now ranks at #58, leaping 64 spots from the previous year. At this rate, Bella may become the #1 female newborn name for 2010, but only time and data will tell. As a side note, Isabella is currently the most popular female newborn name. I pray we do not see the #1 and #2 spot filled with both Isabella and Bella.

Rounding out the sudden boom of newborn Twilight popularity is the name Cullen, from the character Edward Cullen. In 2008, the name was ranked at #782. In 2009, however, it jumped nearly 300 spots to claim the rank of #485. While that is still very low on the list, it shows just how much of a popularity explosion there was among child-expecting Twilight fans. Again, one can only hope that this trend does not continue into 2010 and we find ourselves suddenly surrounded by mass amounts of Cullen babies.

In 2010, the New York Times interviewed a woman who had read Breaking Dawn while pregnant and later named her newborn Cullen. The mother had this to say: I like old names. And most of [the Twilight] characters in there are vampires. So they are really, really old names.

Yes, clearly those fictional characters based on fictional beings are very old, and their names are equally as fictional and old. You have it right, Mrs. Twilight Fan, you have it right.

A Zombie Wedding

One couple in Seattle decided to combine their love of zombie props with their love for each other, resulting in a horrifically gory wedding idea: a zombie wedding.

During the first annual ZomBCon of 2010, Casey Russell and Nathan Patrick Dooley decided to tie the knot and say their vows. The bride dressed in a blood-stained white dress and the grooms guts were spilling out of his stomach. With a crowd of fellow zombie enthusiasts looking on in awe, their marriage was ordained by Bruce Campbell, cult movie star and zombie slayer.

The zombie wedding.

“You know that things will not always be easy in your relationship … you will occasionally find yourself stumbling on your path together unsure of what lies ahead,” Campbell told the couple. “But there will always be one thing in your life that you can count on, one thing you will both seek out relentlessly, and one thing that will consume you both, and that one thing is – brrrains. … Ah, I’m sorry, I mean love.”

Once the ceremony was over, forty other married couples, who were also dressed as zombies, had their marriage vows renewed. Some may say this is kooky or strange, but I say its heartwarming to see two individuals share their love for the undead. It clearly shows just how much the zombie culture has influenced our society. From zombie walks and a statistical analysis of a zombie apocalypse to an official zombie apocalypse emergency plan and detailed zombie costumes, our culture has become fascinated with the world of the undead.

As a parting note, while searching around for other popularized zombie weddings, I stumbled across this zombie wedding invitation:

Nothing brings a couple together quite like a swarm of ravenous undead.