Zombie Jesus

With the passing of Easter last weekend the Internet exploded in talk of Zombie Jesus and his return to the world of the living. Unlike our Jesus costume, Zombie Jesus is far from holy, heavenly, and helpful. If you have never heard of Zombie Jesus, here’s a quick rundown on him:

After being crucified, Jesus rose from the dead and returned to the world of the living, which sounds extremely similar to the scenario of a zombie. This caused some individuals to create an alternate history revolving around Jesus, one where he returned as a zombie and began to infect his followers. There are pictures, countless logs of lore, and loads of jokes revolving around the concept of Zombie Jesus. Some have even gone so far as to rename Easter as Zombie Jesus Day.

zombie JC
This is the Zombie JC.

Zombie Jesus has a Facebook profile with over 20,000 followers. There is also an independent horror film titled Zombie Jesus! which has won three awards (Best Film, Best Actor, Best Short). Some artists have even created online comics involving the joke of Zombie Jesus, such as Cyanide and Happiness.

Depending on your view, you may find this offensive or absolutely hilarious. Personally, someone shedding a bit of humor into the world of religion is far from a bad thing. In fact, for the generation growing up now, it may be the best thing. Too many individuals take religion too seriously, wielding it like a weapon and the Bible as a shield. With Zombie Jesus though, you get to have a quick laugh and then go back to whatever you were doing. Plus zombies are have infected every other genre so far, why should religion be immune to its disease?

While most of the Zombie Jesus jokes are lighthearted and generally humorous, some can take it quite too far. For example, among the piles of pictures floating around online, I stumbled across the one posted below, which borders on the line of acceptable and putrid. Feel free to comment your own opinions on it, if you can stomach it long enough to form an opinion.

zombie jesus



5 thoughts on “Zombie Jesus”

  1. i hop u know that when everything is over….u hav insulted not only christians but ua sole savior whether u like it or not….there things u dont do coz u feel lik doin, u end up paying the prise 4 ua blasphemies whether on this earth or ua afterlife…..this is not wat this generation needs…it needs more love from the same savior u ar dissin…i care bout ua oppinions but i hav given u the truth…say anything u want to say but remember this words will be embeded in ua heart….u can be forgiven….by the same Jesus u ar playing with…..or else find ua self on his way…believe me u wont like it. he is God alone

  2. haytham is retarded. either you’re illiterate or extremely ghetto. almost everything you typed is misspelled. i bet you cant even read the bible, which is probably why you defend it. i have read it, 3 times, and its no different than any other work of fiction. the stories are over the top and extremely unbelievable, much like any science fiction. the only way to make it remotely realistic is if you add the element of a creator to explain the unexplainable. Mother goose rhymes give the same style of fiction without the wrathful old testament stuff.if you believe, then thats great, but your preaching means as much to non believers as this will mean to you, which i assume is not much. unless you want educated people to make you sound like an ignorant fool, keep your beliefs to yourself. if there is a god, let him handle it and shut up.

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