Case of the Mondays? You need a high dose of laughter.

Welcome back, Monday, how soon of you to return. It only seems like yesterday that I was partying with Friday and hungover on the couch with Saturday. But you’re here for the whole day and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Rather than fight the stress and anxiety of life, how about we laugh it off today?

Last week we briefly discussed the ridiculousness of some mascot costumes. If you think Scrotie has a tough life, let’s look at some other mascots who have had some rough rides throughout their career. This first one really shows that one simply misstep in life can lead to a world of pain. If only his large, maroon, smiling friend had got to him in time.

But sometimes life just isn’t fair. You’re standing around, enjoying your life as a mascot, swinging your arms and loving it up, and then reality comes crashing down upon you.

Of course, we can learn from of strange costumed friends. When you feel like you simply cannot get up, maybe you just need some help from a friend.

Remember, life gets hard and tough at times, but you need only to take a minute to laugh it off. Get a mirror and take some time to make some stupid faces. You never know exactly how much fun you may have. Just look at this next video, for example, and tell me that does not look like fun. I know it brings me to tears just watching it.

As a parting note, whether you are mascot, accountant, or a parent, there is nothing better than taking the time to appreciate the simple things in life. Maybe it’s a quick laugh that helps you get through a Monday, a nice lunch outside in the sun, or a simple compliment from a coworker. Whatever helps you get through the day, cherish it and try to enjoy it. Life is too short for being angry, stressed, or frustrated.

Laughter helps make life easier.



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