Dead Island Trailer Too Much, or Enough?

There is no doubt about the onset of the zombie culture, but could the culture be taking its love of death and the undead too far? Dead Island, an upcoming horror action adventure game in development by Techland, released a sneak peak trailer some weeks ago. While the trailer is highly artistic and especially well designed, it is also subject to controversy and much debate about the zombie culture.

As a forewarning, if you are the parent of a young child, you may not want to watch this video. It is gory, it is violent, and it does involve the death of a young girl. If you are still intrigued and wish to watch it, you are more than welcome to experience the artistic vision of Techlands Dead Island.

Personally, I find the trailer to be absolutely astonishing, both artistically and visually. The point is, though, does this trailer overstep its bounds with the use of the young girl? Is it a ploy to draw attention, or is it used as an emotional tool?

I cannot remember the last time I saw a young child killed in a movie or movie trailer, never mind a video game trailer. But I want to hear from you. Do you feel that this trailer has taken it too far with the use of the young girl? Could you receive the same reaction with the use of an adult?

2 thoughts on “Dead Island Trailer Too Much, or Enough?

  1. Jordon

    I think the use of the girl really adds this human emotion to an otherwise faceless zombie video game. You watch it and just feel genuinely saddened for everyone involved.

  2. Cake Betch

    I agree with Jordon, I don’t think it goes too far. If you watch the first episode of Walking Dead that was on last year he shoots a little girl (who is already a zombie) in the face. At the time I was kind of shocked.

    Honestly I get more upset seeing animals suffer and/or die in tv, movies, and games than I do people.

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