The Captain America Trailer Hits Early

Do you have your Captain America costume yet? If not, you better start getting ready. The latest Captain America: The First Avenger trailer was released yesterday. While I am not allowed to repost the trailer, you can see the latest Captain American trailer right here. Its a whopping two minutes of extreme badassery, and I don’t even like superheroes.

The movie follows the story of Steve Rogers, who is deemed unfit to serve in the American army during World War II. With his pride driving him forward, Steve finds an alternative route to help out his country: signing up for Project Rebirth. It is through this project that Steve becomes Captain America. You can watch the trailer to see a tease of what happens.

Even if you have never been sucked into the comic book world, this Captain America movie looks insane. I mean, you have Nazis, superheroes, what look to be flame-throwing robots, super villains, and then more Nazis. That sounds like the perfect melting pot for any action movie. Toss in a gun-wielding Captain America and you have me sold.

Captain America: The First Avenger is scheduled to release on July 22nd, 2011. With it being so close to Halloween, you need to get your Captain America costume ready now, before everyone else does the same thing. If you set your claim to the Captain America costume, the rest of your friends will have to find something else, like Thor or Green Lantern. Hell, you could go out as this years superhero team, fighting crime and collecting candy.



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