Living Babies Born To Dead Mothers: Creepy, But Not Rare

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Since the posting of our last article, some of our community members scoured the Internet for information relating to the baby born eighty-four days after its mothers death. While the story itself is absolutely astonishing and blows every part of my mind, the dedication of our readers is what truly impresses me.

One of our readers found this article, which goes more into detail as to who the mother was and what her age was at the time of death. Apparently, the mother was a 21-year-old woman, which seems much too early for one to suffer from a seizure. To quote Vonnegut, So it goes. Life comes and life recedes.

Now, the important factor here is, the woman was not officially dead as in, she was not a corpse, stiff as a board, cold and lifeless. She was clinically brain dead, so her mind was incapable of performing basic functions, like breathing and blood circulation. With the assistance of medical equipment, however, the doctors were able to perform these functions for her. This action saved the child and allowed it to live, and I am so happy to be living in an age of modern medicine.

The concept of a dead mother giving birth is still extremely creepy, yet not as rare as one may think.

Here’s a story about Jayne Soliman, a champion ice skater, giving birth to a child two days after Jayne’s death.

Here’s a story about a woman giving birth after passing away from a brain hemorrhage.

To be quite fair, the creepiness of these stories is shed away with the understanding that life is springing forth from death. Whether you find it creepy or heartwarming, it really depends on your outlook on life. Are you going to dwell over the passing of life, or will you look toward the future with the onset of new life?

Its sort of the glass-is-half-full situation.

But, I am sincerely impressed with our community of readers. All of you pulled together and found some incredible stories about the previous post. What started as a strange 1988 Guinness World Record has now become an interesting flow of stories.

Anyway, enough about dead mothers and living babies, lets look toward the weekend and enjoy ourselves.

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