Celebrity Tribute to Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Ballerina Adult Costume

Marilyn Monroe has to be one of the most emulated and copied figures of Hollywood. Celebrities look back to her style and classic beauty as a standard for the red carpet. Many have even replicated old photo shoots of her.

I’ve put together a bunch of images of celebs rocking the Monroe. Who do you think did it best?

If you think you can do it better then these celebs, FrightCatalog has you stacked for your next Marilyn tribute. Don’t forget the red lipstick!

Angelina, a classic beauty herself, is reminiscent of Marilyn here

Scarlett Johanson

Madonna has almost made a living off of rocking her own Marilyn style.

Britney Spears does her own take

Lindsay Lohan and her Marilyn tribute

Christina Aguilera rocks the Marilyn.

Anna Nicole Smith emulated Marilyn and tragically they both died young

Kelly Carlson from Nip/Tuck- one of the main reasons I ever watched the show. Her style was Marilyn in raw sex form. Three cheers for Kelly!

Katherina Heigl from Grey’s Anatomy sports the Marilyn hair and red lip stick for a red carpet event.

Jenna Jameson  hits the Marilyn dead on.

6 thoughts on “Celebrity Tribute to Marilyn Monroe

  1. Steve

    So many Marilyn Monroe lookalikes and wannabees. My favorite however is Christina Aguilera. She is a little similar to MM. She knows how to enhance her beauty. (hairdo, makeup, jewels)

  2. Noway

    Christina Hendricks can do it.Christina Snookielera is the ugliest she’s too small,short and her measurements and face don’t add up.Marilyn had a special allure, the rest are posers that want to be her and look dumb.

  3. casi

    Yes ,only Christina Hendricks who they didn’t even add here .The worst two who are desperate and look to harsh are Christina A,and Lindsay L.

  4. keepdreaming

    Really ?because none of them at all look like Marilyn they all want to be Marilyn Monroe.Can’t they find another beautiful woman to be like.Sofia Loren is also beautiful or Audry H,or how about Bridette B,or Elizabeth T.These wannabes up there all make scary monroes .Jenna J, Christina Aguilera who they didn’t even add here but can’t stop copying everything about Marilyn,Angelina J,Lindsay Lohan all make scary Monroes.

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