UK Reports “SuperBug” Infections — Is the end nigh?

BBC News reports that a new “superbug” infection has been identified in UK hospitals, potentially fulfilling the prophecies of “28 Days Later,” without the monkeys. Although they didn’t specifically say there weren’t monkeys.

Zombie Infection (Dramatization)

UK doctors reportedly fear that “Ultimately, [the NDM-1 virus] could produce dangerous infections that would spread rapidly from person to person and be almost impossible to treat” and that “it will go global.”

How to stop it? Quarantine, or “to rapidly identify and isolate any hospital patients who are affected.”

Hello. We can quarantine an entire island nation. We’ve done it before in the movies.

In other news, the H1N1 pandemic is officially over, and no one even talks about SARS anymore, so… will NDM-1 be the one? Who knows.

Happy Friday the 13th!



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