'Tis the season to be jolly...and completely stressed out. Whether you're struggling to find a last-minute outfit for your Halloween party or need a great get-up for Christmas Eve, we have something for you. Suit up in these Biblical Costumes and you'll be ready for all the festivities. You'll be the answer to everyone's prayers when you show up as Jesus. We have plenty of holy robes for you to choose from, all of them easy to wear, comfortable, and instantly recognizable. Grab a Biblical Wig and Beard Set and you'll look like everyone's best buddy. Feel like starting a fight? Have some friends show up in any of our Bible costumes and you'll be ready for an apocalyptic brawl.

Biblical Costumes - Kids Toddler Rabbi Costume

Kids Toddler Rabbi Costume

Our Price: $17.97
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Biblical Costumes - Adult Pontiff Pope Costume

Adult Pontiff Pope Costume

Our Price: $35.97
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Biblical Costumes - Adult Cardinal Costume

Adult Cardinal Costume

Our Price: $35.99
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Biblical Costumes - Adult Jesus or Joseph  Costume

Adult Jesus or Joseph Costume

Our Price: $29.65
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Get your loved ones into the Christmas spirit when you hold a live manger using any of our First Christmas costumes. Expecting mothers can suit up as the Virgin Mary with their faithful hubby Joseph in toe. Let an angel tell the shepherd where to find the stables, and have the Three Wisemen set off for a long night's journey. Want to spread God's word? Come to the celebration as a monk or priest and you'll be able to tell everyone the good news (don't forget your cross and rosary so you can do a round of Hail Mary). Bring along a Naughty Nun and a Holy Hammered Bible if you don't exactly practice what you preach. Reward all the good girls and boys when you come as Santa, or have everyone saying "Oi vey!" when they see you decked out as a full-on Rabbi.

With all the gifts, parties, preparations, and planning, the holidays can get pretty intense. There's no reason to let it get you down, though-just order one of these religious costumes today and you'll take a load off your to-do list.

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