It's the week before Halloween, and you're striking out at every costume store you go to. All your friends are telling you to play it safe and wear the same boring outfit you've had for the last two years, but you want something a little better. Solve your problem when you order one of our Baseball Costumes for your upcoming party and your look is sure to be a home run. Long-term fans of America's favorite pastime are sure to love our Old Tyme baseball outfits, letting you get ready for the big game in those classic black and white stripes.

Baseball Costumes - Men's Old Tyme Baseball Player Costume

Men's Old Tyme Baseball Player Costume

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Show your colors in a skin suit, printed with your team's logo and uniform. Ladies can wear a Sexy Grand Slam outfit to prove why diamonds are a girl's best friend. Any seriously devoted little leaguers can prove their love for the game when they wear a zombie Extreme Foul get-up. If you're looking for something a little less intense, try on one of our comfortable baseball caps. Sultry law enforcers can wear our DEA or SWAT team hats, and anyone can get some street cred with a Gangsta hat. Starting to feel your age? Use our Old Man Kit and you'll be able to tame that unruly gray hair with your trusty black cap.

Anything can happen on Halloween, just as anything can happen in those short nine innings. Come through for your team when you suit up in a baseball costume and you'll have an excuse to pig out on Babe Ruths. Pick your favorite today, or these costumes will be gone before you can say, "You're out!"

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