If The Avengers taught us anything, it was to always be nice to our little brothers. You'll be able to clean up all your family drama when you wear one of our Avengers Costumes for Halloween this year. Our stuffed selection has the perfect choice for any immortal, man, or monster. Take a trip from Asgard and relax on Earth in one of our Thor outfits. Girls are sure to fawn over your long golden locks and bristling muscles...just don't tell them that you only have them because of our Thor Wig and Muscle Chest suit. Grab Mjolnir and show everyone who the real Captain Hammer is. If you're a little more civil than that hotheaded egotist, dress up as Loki and you'll sweet talk everyone into loving you.

Avengers Costumes - Avengers 2 Deluxe Hulk Kids Costume

Avengers 2 Deluxe Hulk Kids Costume

Our Price: $32.99
In Stock
Avengers Costumes - Avengers 2 Thor Costume for Boys

Avengers 2 Thor Costume for Boys

Our Price: $21.99
In Stock
Avengers Costumes -  Iron Man Muscle Chest Dress Up Set

 Iron Man Muscle Chest Dress Up Set

Our Price: $19.99
Out of Stock

Mighty mortals can show off their American spirit as Captain America (just make sure you're not too groggy from all that sleep). If you just love fireworks, call up JARVIS and suit up as the Patriot or the traditional Iron Man. Show up as Hawkeye and you'll shoot straight through any woman's heart. A bit of a femme fatale? Dress up in a Black Widow suit and sneak onto the scene, or be a show-stopper as a sultry Mark 42 Iron Man or cute Captain America. Green fans need not worry-we do have a Hulk. There are, in fact, many costumes for anyone who loves Bruce Banner, whether you're as slim as a shut-in scientist or hefty as a war machine. Put on a pair of Hulk Hands and you'll be ready to take down any puny gods.

There are children's versions of every costume, letting your little do-gooders become their favorite superhero. Turn it into a family affair when you wear these great Avengers costumes for your next Halloween party. These deals might be the stuff of legends, but who knows if they'll stick around as long. Order your favorite today and you'll be ready to assemble!

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