Asian Geisha

Beauty, allure, mystery, sophistication-it's easy to understand the worldwide appeal of the Far East. Its history is steeped in political intrigue and epic war stories, and its customs are deeply rooted in a beliefs that can only be described as magical. Inspire that kind of wonder when you wear one of our Asian costumes and Geisha costumes for this Halloween. Nothing gets attention like a geisha. Treasured for their cultural talents as well as their looks, geisha trained from a young age to become the ultimate entertainer. Women were envious of their glamorous lifestyle and men would go penniless just to be with them.

Wow everyone when you slip on a bright red kimono with golden obi, and cut hours off your prep time when you wear any of our Asian wigs. Give yourself that moon-white face with our Geisha Makeup and you'll steal everyone's hearts. If you want something a little more intricate, come to the party as a Far East Empress. Chinese rulers were treated like gods on Earth and were believed to have heavenly blood. Slip into this costume full of billowing amethyst trains, long bell sleeves, and gorgeous printed satin and you're sure to feel like a goddess. Don't want all the hubbub? Dress down in a cute panda costume or a slinky black dress with Dragon Tights and you'll be ready for the rave. Grab a hold of one of our fans to keep you cool all night.

The East has fascinated everyone for thousands of years. You'll be the star of the Halloween party when you show up in one of our Asian and Geisha costumes. Order your favorite today, or your reign will be over before it's even begun.

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