Aliens exist. There, we said it. Thinking about the vastness of the universe and how many planets and solar systems and galaxies there are, you can't help but reach one logical conclusion: It only makes sense that there would be another form of life somewhere out there. The probability is overwhelming. If you want to dress up as one of these mysterious creatures for your next Halloween event or theme party, then you should definitely check out our collection of alien costumes and accessories.

Of course, we have some traditional alien outfits available on our site. Typical depictions portray the creatures as human-like, with two legs and two arms, a large bald head, and large dark eyes. But some movies and television shows have taken different approaches to the illustration of the alien. For example, the Alien movies depict the creatures as having long, narrow heads with several mouths that come out of each other. These aliens also bleed acid, which is a nice touch. The Predator movies took a different approach by designing their creatures like giant humanoid monsters with dreadlocks and repulsive faces. These faces have claws by the mouth but are usually covered by protective masks because they are a warrior race of aliens.

We cannot forget some of the most famous aliens in pop culture - several that we sometimes don't realize are actually aliens. For example, Superman hails from a different planet called Krpyton, which is why he has superhuman abilities. The parasite that helps create the villain Venom, as well as the black Spider-man, is an extraterrestrial life-form, too. Some other popular aliens include Marvin the Martain, Mork from Mork and Mindy, and the adorable aliens from the Toy Story movies.

We have great alien costumes and accessories for men, women, and children, so be sure to get yours today!

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