Oh gosh - what were we thinking? The fashion of the 1980s was questionable, to say the least. But nowadays, people throw 80s-themed parties and frequently dress up in 80s-themed outfits for Halloween events. While we don't want any of these trends to make a full comeback, we admit that it is quite fun to bring them back one night at a time. So temporarily immerse yourself in the fashion hiccup that was the 1980s, and check out our wonderfully-retro collection of 80s costumes and accessories.

The 1980s will forever be remembered as a decade when everything was over the top. We experienced shifts in popular music thanks to artists such as Michael Jackson and Madonna, and we were introduced to Music Television (also known as MTV). With music videos becoming a more prominent part of the music industry, more fans were able to visualize the way artists were dressing. And if the rock star or the diva was wearing something, everybody else wanted to look like that. This even included the styles of hair metal bands such as Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi, and Poison.

The fashion of the 1980s can only be described in one word: ridiculous. Female outfits usually consisted of bright neon colors and ripped sleeves or tights. Girls also colored their hair in unconventional styles, and everyone had a thing for metallic pants and shirts. Guys often dressed up like glam rockers, if not like the King of Pop. Toward the end of the decade, we saw the rise of hip hop music, and the style began to change drastically. Baggy clothes became popular and before we knew it, it was Hammertime.

Remember: it's not embarrassing if everybody looks like that. Get one of these 80s costumes today!

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