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When people think of the 1960s, the most common characters that come to mind are hippies and flower children. Sometimes called the "Swinging Sixties," this decade was marked by a sense of freedom and revolution, often associated with drug and sexual experimentation and the Civil Rights movement. Some people born after the 60s regret missing the historical decade, while others are sorry that they had to live during it - and then there are those who experienced it and still don't know where they are. These are usually the people who have the best Woodstock stories.

The 1960s were important for various reasons. The United States experienced the British Invasion, permanently revolutionizing the music industry with artists such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Who. John F. Kennedy was elected President and later assassinated, sparking numerous conspiracy theories. Martin Luther King, Jr. made great strides for the Civil Rights movement and was also assassinated. And in the summer of 1969, the United States finally put a man on the moon. The 60s was a decade full of change, and it helped shape the society we live in today.

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