Jump and jive back in time to the 1950s for your next Halloween event or theme party. Browse through our hoppin' collection of 50s costumes and accessories, and put together the most rock n' roll outfit anybody has ever seen. You can get your friends and family involved with the retro theme because we have items for women, men, boys, girls, infants, and toddlers.

One of the most popular male figures during the 1950s was the King of Rock n' Roll himself. Dress up as the man who made parents cover their children's eyes just by swinging his hips with our awesome Elvis Presley costumes. One of the most popular female figures during the decade was also one of the most famous actresses, models, and singers of all-time - Marilyn Monroe. Become the iconic sex symbol with one of our beautiful blond bombshell 50s costumes and leave guys speechless. The fashion of the 1950s was also marked by outfits that you would see in shows and movies such as Happy Days and Grease. So throw on a leather jacket, and you will fit right in!

The 1950s brought several conflicts for the United States of America, including the Korean War and the continuing Cold War, which resulted in a national fear of communism called the "Red Scare." The United States and its western allies experienced a growing sense of tension with the Soviet Union during this time period, and many feared that the only endgame was nuclear war. The Cold War consisted of escalated tensions between the two sides because of economic competition, the space race, espionage, and of course, the nuclear arms race.

So don't be a communist, and get one of these cool 1950s costumes today!

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