Everybody enjoys rooting for the underdog. Now you can become a part of one of the most famous underdogs in history with one of these 300 costumes. Dress up as a Spartan warrior or queen for your next Halloween event, theme party, or comic book convention. Our collection of 300 outfits and accessories includes items for both men and women, so you can unite with other Spartans and face the Persian army together.

The 2007 movie 300 follows the story of King Leonidas, a Spartan king who was trained to be a fearless soldier since he was a young boy. Leonidas takes 300 soldiers to battle King Xerxes' Persian army after Xerxes demands Sparta's submission. To defeat this Persian army, which heavily outnumbers the Spartans, King Leonidas' plan is to use the terrain of Thermopylae and force the Persians into a narrow pass between the mountains and the sea. The Spartan soldiers successfully ward off the Persians during the first wave of battle, and Xerxes offers Leonidas great wealth and power in exchange for his surrender of Sparta. Leonidas refuses the offer and the Spartans must defend against another wave of attacks.

Not just anybody can be a Spartan warrior. You must be brave, be strong, and be smart. A good soldier must possess great skills with a spear, a sword, and a shield, and he must be willing to die for his brother, his homeland, and his cause. A good soldier never makes the same mistake twice, and he never leaves a fellow Spartan behind.

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