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The 1920s was a decade filled with revolutionary advancements in technology, art, and popular culture. Technological advancements include automobiles, telephones, and motion pictures. It is often referred to as the "Jazz Age" because jazz music and dance became extremely popular during the time period. The concept of womanhood was completely redefined by flappers, who secured a newfound sense of independence for women. However, at the time, they were seen as rebellious and reckless. Some believe that "flapper" is an appropriate term for these pioneering women because it suggests that they are young birds who are flapping their wings, learning to fly.

The 20s brought many important changes for women, including the right to vote in 1920. Once the 19th Amendment was passed, women obtained the political equality they had been pushing for, and it gave them a sense of power, perhaps enhancing the rebellious nature of the flappers. Prohibition also gave us the classic depiction of the 20s gangster, a bootlegger who ran an illegal liquor-smuggling business. These "speakeasies" became very popular and led to the rise of many of the 20s gangsters we are familiar with today.

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